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Atya gabonensis
Cameroun Fan Shrimp

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Atyopsis_gabonensis_2.jpg (31kb)
Photo Credit: Savio Castro

These are delightful shrimp, very laid back and very good with a tropical tank too. I have 2 of these in my 75 L tank and it is not even planted, but it also houses 10 pristella tetras and a pair of lyretail platies. They get along very well. The shrimp are a delight to watch, especially when they hang onto the wood which is situated on the front of the water current, and they have their fans out ready to capture food. I feed mine with crab bites, algae wafers with the ocassional blood worms, daphnia and brine shrimp. They have both molted a few times now in my tank and are doing well. They have a tendency to climb onto the heaters and stay there though, I would recommend that the tank be kept covered at all times. They are curious little creatures and would go and check out things. I would definitely recommend them in any tropical tank, but would also recommend that you have iodine in the water as this helps them to molt.

Contributed by Marjorie

I have had two pairs of Atya gabonensis for two years. I can say I know them. Comments that they are very agressive are completely wrong. Atyas are VERY peaceful. They will not bother even the smallest creature.

Contributed by Henryk

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