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Archer Fish

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I've had an archer fish now for about two weeks and I decided to try and teach him to eat from my hand. Before I even could put the bug in the water he jumped out and ate it from my hand. I recommend these fish to anyone. Try holding it about 7 cm above the surface of the water, he will try and shoot it out of your hand...really cool fish to keep.

Contributed by Dustin Eade

I've had an archer fish for about 3 months now and already he has grown at least a third of his size. He also has been showing his ability to shoot water and jump very high out of the water. Try holding a moth about 15 cm out of the water and he might shoot or jump out of the water for you. Mine is able to shoot about 40 cm and jump 15 cm out of the water, which is two thirds bigger than himself. I would recommend to anyone, great fish.

Contributed by Dustin Eade

This fish is the native of Asia. Can be found in the river at my homeland (Singapore). Also sold everywhere in here. Nice fish, but do keep with fish of same size. I used to keep a few. One of them was very intelligent, it would often shoot water out if it wanted food. Otherwise just swim like normal fishes...

Contributed by Kok Chye

I kept these fish for several years. I found that, even though they live in brackish water, if you acquire them when they are young enough they keep quite well in a freshwater tank. I added salt, but in a small enough quantity to keep the water below the brackish level. This allowed me to keep freshwater plants in the tank with them as well. I kept the tank semi-full and would place crickets on the plants so that they could be shot down. This trains the fish to spit and they will eventually jump right out of the water and grab them from your fingers. After they have been trained in this manner, try leaving the tank lid open and smoking a cigarrette (or something) somewhere across the your friends. The fish also loves ghost shrimp (and small fish) and would spend hours chasing them around...

Contributed by a visitor

I've had my archer fish for 2 years now. One's name is Archie and the other's name is Maxxie. I've trained mine to spit 2 meters out of the water and Maxxie is about 15-17 cm big. They especially enjoy ghost shrimp. When I first got him he spat at my wife but soon calmed down after a month or two. These are great fish and I highly recommend them.

Contributed by George Smith

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