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Toxotes jaculatrix
Archer Fish

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I had an Archer fish once and he was amazing. I had moved into a temperary apartment and put his tank too close to the wall so I had to put the filter on the front of the tank and left the lid open about 3 cm. One day my wife was sitting at the table and paying bills when he spat at her and soaked the table. He then had an innocent look about him. I thought it was incredible that he aimed through the 3 cm crack and shot about 60 cm over to the table. He did this for about 2 weeks, then quit and never did it again.

Contributed by Rick Holzheuer

I have two archer fish. The larger one being 15 cm is a natural born killer, on many occasions devouring similar length lizards. As long as your fish are not intimidated by the lizards size its gone before it sinks. Recently I have found they enjoy the odd small juggie (marron). I was told once that the male of the variety is more viscious than the female, alas my smaller male is but 1 quarter of the size of my larger fish, thus has no balls. Tip: the more you feed them the less water you'll have on the ground.

Contributed by Kevin Swann

I have two archer fish right now and I love them. I hold crickets over the tank and whoosh! They go nuts spitting at it. If I hold it lower they'll jump about 8 cm for it! They have so much personality, and they don't bother the other fish at all. I highly recommend them!

Contributed by Zack S.

My Archerfish has grown quite a personality, I originally got him at about 7 cm along with another archer. Unfortunately the second one died some months later, but now at 18 cm my Archer "Archibald" is going strong. Like the fish talked about by Rick Holzheuer, Archibald does not mind spitting at my wife (which I must add is hilarious!). However, after a recent upgrade to a larger tank that has a lid, this has stopped (pity!). When I put my arm in the tank however, he brushes against me and now doesn't mind a gentle belly rub! He is housed with a barramundi, a couple of peppered cats and a spiny eel, as well as two silver dollars, all of which have quite the harmonious relationship. The Archer overall is a stunning fish and, I feel, a welcome addition to any tank.

Contributed by Fuzz Lankey

I have 2 archer fish, australian variety. I'm going to get another two, because one is aggressive toward the other. I've also dropped the water in my tank about 10 cm and put a stick poking out of one of the corners, all I do is place the crickets on the stick and sit back and watch, works perfectly.

Contributed by William Aberdeen

I have archer fish they are very entertaining to watch spit. When I have people over, I catch a fly or cricket and show them how they spits. I put it over the opening so they can see it and they spit for it, I then drop it as soon as they spit. They're very nervous fish, if too many people are at the tank they get stressed and won't spit, but when they do they can hit the ceiling of my house easily.

Contributed by Stephen Stoke

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