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Toxotes chatareus
Seven-Spot Archer Fish, Largescale Archer, Common Archer

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archer2.jpg (8kb)
Photo Credit: Eoghan Lynch

Name: Toxotes chatareus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Asia and Oceania
20 cm 200 L 7.0 26C


Apologies to Eoghan if I'm proved wrong, but after doing some extensive resarch to set up this page I concluded that this brackish water fish is Toxotes chatareus, not T. jaculatrix as he submitted to me. The difference is that T. chatareus has 7 vertical bands or blotches, counting sideways with the first one being the eye band (sometimes missing but should still be counted), and the last one being the blotch at the tail base. T. jaculatrix has 6 vertical bands (again, the eye band may be missing) with no blotches in between them. To add a little to the confusion, in both species - but more often so in T. chatareus - one or more bands may be broken up in two or more blotches aligned vertically, and these should be counted as a single band. But maybe more important than these band details is the fact that T. chatareus grows larger and apparently is more aggressive than T. jaculatrix, so that may be something to keep in mind when choosing tank size and companions. T. chatareus will grow to 20 cm on average, but specimens as large as 30 cm have been reported. It's a predator fish and any small companions will likely be eaten.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

Seven spotted archer fish are very amusing to watch. I keep mine with 2 Puffers and 3 kuhli loaches in a 380 liter tank. Very cool fish, the only problem I have had with them is constantly feeding them crickets.

Contributed by Lily

This archer is also known as the largescale archer fish. This is a lot more aggressive than the T. jaculatrix and is one of the few archers that can permanently live well in freshwater. All the archers that I've collected are only territorial towards another archer, they don't seem to bother any fish different from them. I used to mix them with peaceful American cichlids, but I transfered them to a new tank after I bought some young peacock cichlids. My archers do well in a slightly brackish tank with rainbowfishes, silver halfbeaks, scats and some live-bearing toothcarps.

Contributed by Jojo Arellano

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