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Toxotes jaculatrix
Archer Fish

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Photo Credit: Richard Brown

Name: Toxotes jaculatrix
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Asia and Oceania
15 cm 150 L 7.5 28C


These are an interesting fish. They get there name from shooting bugs off branches for food. Hence the name, "Archerfish". I have found these fish easy to keep as long as you keep the water slightly salty with plants (plastic) and branches. I have yet to meet someone who kept these fish with branches emersed, fed small crickets, so they can spit water at them to eat. Try it! Very cool to watch.

Contributed by Brian Surf

These are great fish. Mine is about 15 cm now but was only 8 cm when I bought it. He spends summer in my garden pond and winter in the tank. He eats anything: crickets, flies, fish...

Contributed by (no name given)

A fantastic fish to keep. Try to keep at least 4 specimens as they are a shoaling fish. It is wise to buy them at the same time and keep them all the same size as large specimens can pick on smaller ones. Does not have to be trained to spit at food placed on or near the lid of the aquarium, they will do it immediately. Please keep in mind that this fish is a predator. My archer fish has gotten bigger while my Neon shoal has gotten smaller. They are a peaceful fish and will not bother any other fish in the aquarium but any small fish are considered food.

Contributed by Eoghan Lynch

I built an enclosure above a 130 liter glass tank with four sides screened and one side (the front) lexan about the same volume as the tank. I also built a stand in the middle that had two purposes; a light housing on bottom and on top, a planter. The plants grew over the top and toward the water making an excellent environment and perch for insects (mostly flies) that I introduced for my two Archer fish. They did extremely well until I failed to maintain the brackish water clean. The ceiling above the enclosure was covered with water spots and also the window nest to the tank. Many times I was shot right in the eye!

Contributed by Steve Vukich

I have three Archer fish. At first I fed them by just dropping crickets onto the surface of the water and letting them get them that way. After a couple of weeks I decided to try to recreate their natural habitat more closely so I removed the hinged lid and built a "cricketarium" to fit on the tank in its place. Basically, it's a glass box 30 cm high, with sticks and air plants glued on the inside to hold the crickets. I also added another lighting fixture to the top. It works perfectly and now all the fish (including a puffer and three orange chromides) get excited when they know the crickets are in there.

Contributed by Matt Hetzler

I now have four Archer fish, and Ive enjoyed looking at them spitting many times. I put two wires on the "food opening" at the top glass, and then I put a piece of frozen bloodworms over, so the bloodworms are about to fall down. Then its just waiting to see some action!

Contributed by Claus

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