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Pterophyllum altum
Altum Angel

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Photo Credit: Shawna

Here in Pakistan Altum is not very common as compared to Scalare angels like marble, ghost, etc. Presently I have 6 BIG specimens in my 400 L tank. They all have grown fully, especially the head of my Altums has grown fully. I am keeping these beauties in my tank for the last 2 years when I bought these Altums they all were quite small in size. I feed them different varieties of food. Bloodworms and beef heart are the main diet of my Altums. These beauties grow quite fast as compared to other angels. Feed often but small amount is quite good rule for Altums. I also follow this rule. Altum looks quite beautiful when it adopts its full color, especially when its black stripes become dark in color. I love my Altums. My Altums are my pride.

Contributed by Sheikh Ahmed

I have had my altum angel for about a year now and he is HUGE. He is in my 180 liter community tank. He is ever so graceful and passive. His regular diet consists of bloodworms every second day, followed by flake food every night. Like I said, he is huge. His body is approximately 10 cm in circumference, followed by 20 cm of fin space. I love him. And he loves his fellow tank mates.

Contributed by Charli

I have a small one in my tank right now. It's mixed with 1 Silver Angel, 1 Marble Angel, 1 Discus, and 5 Neon Tetras. It's very active. I keep the pH at 6.7 and the temperature at 29C. I feed it frozen bloodworms and high quality flake food. I cannot wait until it gets fully grown.

Contributed by a visitor

There are a few different types of altum angelfish. I have experience with the Peruvian species. They require cleaner water than normal angelfish and grow larger. They have a nicer body shape and are generally more beautiful. If you keep less then three you will probably see quite a bit of bullying. I would recommend you keep at least four as they will be much more peaceful. This isn't necessarily easy as they are hard to come by and they can be quite expensive. Altum angels like slightly acidic water with a temperature of at least 26C. They can be kept with characins, but try to introduce these small fish when the angels are juveniles. Corydoras make good tank mates and won't disturb the angels. Small plecostomus species are also compatible. Peruvian angels can be bred in captivity, although most of the specimens available at aquarium shops are wild caught. [Editor's note: Peruvian angelfish are presently classified as P. scalare, not P. altum, but the matter is still under scientific debate - MA]

Contributed by Oscar Alston

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