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Xiphophorus montezumae
Montezumae Swordtail

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Xiphophorus_montezumae_2.jpg (14kb)
Photo Credit: Nonamethefish

Name: Xiphophorus montezumae
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Mexico
6 cm 60 L 7.3 25C


These fish seem to be on a resurge in popularity recently. That is not uncalled for, as these are some of the most strikingly formed and patterned tropical fish. A large male is an awesome sight, especially when his metallic dorsal fin is raised high. The photo above doesn't illustrate that the length of the sword, unlike many of today's aquarium strain helleri, regularly gets as long as, or longer than, the body itself, even in younger males. The fish shown above is of a strain selectively bred for the spotted pigment shown in original fish. These fish are extremely active and the males consistently challenge each other to spectacular duels which are, for the most part, harmless. If you've got a tank large enough for them, don't pass them up! They may be shy at first, but once settled in should be striking a display as the males continually frolic and court the females in the center of the tank.

Contributed by Joseph S

I have three of these little guys, two females and one male. Currently one of my females is pregnant and my male keeps following the other. These fish are beautiful and I love my male's spots. These fish breed pretty easily with good conditions and breed around 20 or more young, which you can trade at the LFS!

Contributed by Jared Cornwell

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