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Trigonostigma espei (Rasbora espei)
Espe's Rasbora, Lambchop Rasbora, Narrow-Wedge Harlequin

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Photos & Comments

Trigonostigma_espei_1.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: John Nakachima

Name: Trigonostigma espei
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Thailand, Cambodia
4 cm 40 L 6.5 26C


This is nice grouping fish, it needs to be kept with at least 6 companions. They prefer swimming at the mid-level of the tank and facing current. Hardy species which can survive 22-28C temperatures. Espei Rasboras have a Copperish body and smaller dark spot, that makes it different from Harlequins. Their colour is very bright and they're a little smaller than Harlequins. I recommend Espei for nice community tanks and also bigger size peaceful fish tanks to fill it. I am keeping Espei's in my 180 L Angelfish tank, also with small tetras.

Contributed by Mehmet Savaskan

These are excellent in large groups. I currently have a heavily planted 150 L tank with 20 of these guys and 19 harlequins. It's fantastic to watch the two groups school, as they swim with their own. The best part to witness is when the two schools intersect one another without any that get confused. Beautiful fish. Hardy too, once they have become acclimated.

Contributed by Andrew Kim

These fish have awesome electric neon orange coloration that is just as nice or better than neons/cardinal tetras (IMO), which I have in my 100 L. I have 13 espei's in my 300 L with 6 hengeli rasboras and the swirl of orange swimming around my planted tank is awesome! Add in Grolux lighting for even more deep color. Highly recommended if you want to add some intense colors to your tank.

Contributed by Kevin Williams

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