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Stigmatogobius sadanundio
Knight Goby, Fan Dance Goby

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Stigmatogobius_sadanundio_2.jpg (18kb)
Photo Credit: Gus Zaf.

Name: Stigmatogobius sadanundio
Origin: Asian Coast

Size Tank pH Temp
9 cm 100 L 7.5 26C


The Knight Goby is a peaceful, hardy fish, and is good for communities. This fish is fairly active, and spends most of its time swimming in the middle level of the tank. It does best in brackish water. It eats frozen foods, such as brine shrimp and bloodworms. It also takes frozen daphnia, but doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as the shrimp. Another nice feature of this fish is that its eyes are often a nice, bright shade of blue.

Contributed by B. Paul

I have one of these little dudes and he's an awesome character! He'll readily take frozen dillies out of my fingers and seems to have a ferocious appetite! He also loves blood worms. He is by far the favourite fish in my tank and I'm anxiously awaiting another consignment to arrive in a few weeks at my LFS so that I can get some more. Very unusual looking. Darts about the tank when spooked, can be very sloth-like and sit on the bottom of the tank and watch the world go by, and is also very good at hiding!

Contributed by Indigo

I love these little guys. They are active without being hyper. I was afraid they might bite my angelfish's fins, but I had nothing to worry about. A great fish to spice up your tank a little bit.

Contributed by Rachel Dennison

The first one I had was very healthy and happy for about 2 years, before it stopped eating altogether and wasted away in his cave (very sad). The second one I kept was beautiful but had trouble finding enough food, because of the competition from the neon tetras in the tank. I think that is why he started murdering and devouring his tankmates. He had to go. These are subtly beautiful fish.

Contributed by Ben

I have had a knight goby for a year now in my 60 L tank. It is a very peaceful fish, and it is good for the beginners. It eats flakes and bloodworms, and other food. The 3 last days I think that he ate 2 of my neons because he is quite big, 9 cm. Although it is a beautiful fish! Recommended to beginners!

Contributed by Gus Zaf.

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