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Hypostomus punctatus
Spotted Hypostomus Catfish (Pleco)

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

My Pleco is named Frosty, because I got this fellow at Christmas, when I first got it, it was about 3 cm in length and was as skinny as a toothpick (last time I purchase a fish at WalMart), but now about half a year later, it measures about 10 cm and is super plumpy. Big difference time will make. Now he never hides or swims away. Frosty is very fun to watch, especially when he's eating.

Contributed by a visitor

I have 2 plecos. I have had them for two months now and my 8 cm pleco chases my rainbow shark away from "his" corner. He chases all the other fish out as well, even my 7 cm pleco. The only fish he leaves alone is my zamora woodcat, which he swims around with when the lights go out. It's weird because they are supposed to suck on things, but as soon as woody (my zamora woodcat) comes out he swims properly with Woody.

Contributed by Ollie Thompson

I love my pleco, there never seems to be any algae on the tank thanks to this guy. He shares his tank with nine zebra danios, six black neon tetras, four albino corydoras and one large striped catfish (Mystus vittatus). I wasn't sure if he was a common pleco or a spotted pleco, he's 6 cm long and is growing rapidly.

Contributed by a visitor

When I had purchased my first 40 L tank and fish as a newbie, I thought the little 4 cm pleco was the cutest thing. Little did I know this cutie would grow to 25 cm today - and I think he is still growing! I have since relocated him to a 110 L tank. He is so gentle that I can even "pet" him gently without disturbing him. He is never startled by my presence like some of your other members have shared, and I love him, even though my wife rolls her eyes whenever I comment on how regal looking he is.

Contributed by Jim Coppock

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