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Hypostomus punctatus
Spotted Hypostomus Catfish (Pleco)

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pleco1.jpg (32kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Hypostomus punctatus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: South and SE Brazil
30 cm 200 L 7.2 24C


I love these guys, they really can get attached to a particular owner. As a kid I had one in a large tank with several other fish, who I would talk to as I fed them. This particular type learned to recognize my voice and when it heard me would swim immeadiately up to the surface. Although when anyone else spoke to them it would cower at the bottom of the tank.

Contributed by Miriam

Plecostomus seem at first very shy but soon you will learn otherwise. These wonderful, fun to watch creatures are great and much fun to own. They really are very interesting pets. I love to turn off the lights (since they are nocturnal) and watch him swim around frantically cleaning anything in sight including some playtime of course. If you're lucky you can hand feed your spotted guy and he might lay right in your hand eating! In conclussion these fish are gorgeous, interesting, and fun to watch and learn about!

Contributed by David

I have had a pleco named PJ for about 5 years and he is 30 cm! These fish are absolutely wonderful for any tank! He is very good with other fish and has outlived many of my fish. My mother thinks he is the ugliest thing she's ever seen. I'm afraid he is dying though, and will miss him as I have grown very attached to him. My baby brother Jeremy has started "saying good night to the fishie" before he goes to bed. I highly recommend these fish to all aquarium owners!

Contributed by Lisa Olinda

We have had our pleco for three years now and he has grown to 25 cm! Not that long in comparison to some of the others on this page, but he's huge compared to the other fish in the tank. We call him "sludgy" and he loves to hang upside down on the walls of our tank, so we can see right into his glooping mouth through the glass.

Contributed by John and Jennifer

A couple of months ago I bought what was sold to me as a common pleco but didn't find anything on the net that resembled it. But thanks to this site I know now its a spotted hypostomus, looks just like the one in the pic above. When I bought it it was about 6 cm but in a short time has grown to around 13 cm. It gets along great with the other fish and immediately goes into action when the lights go off. I even watched it in a dim room light going to the top of the tank and swimming down through the air bubbles and current of an air stone. It's done this repeatedly until I guess it got tired, maybe it was its daily exercise? It was fun to watch and now I watch the tank even when the lights are out! I wish someone had told me about their stringy poop though, I woke up one morning shortly after I got it and the tank was covered with brown stringy things and thought my tank was infested with some kind of parasite, but it didn't take me long to figure out where it came from! I highly recommend these fish, not as "cleaning tools" but as a fish with benefits.

Contributed by (no name given)

My Pleco (Jaws Jr.) is very interesting, but he is a bit of a stubborn coward. He is stubborn because he won't eat the algae disks I give him and he is a bit of a coward because the second I walk by his tank he swims to his cave and hangs on the ceiling. He is one of my favorite fish. I just bought him to clean the algae off my tank walls, but he is now a pet that is very interesting. I'm also planning to make him a cave so I can see him better and so he doesn't eat paint. I recommend this fish to anyone who's tired of the standard goldfish.

Contributed by (no name given)

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