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Osteoglossum bicirrhosum
Silver Arowana

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Zeco Carvalho

I have a 30 cm Arowana right now and I feed him crickets, Plankton, Krill, Silversides, and anything else that is a carnivore food. He has a very good coloration and is healthy. He now shows some very good teeth on his jaws. He also loves daphnia. One time I came home just in time to see my arowana devour my green terror! Now I have good tankmates for him. He is in a 320 L tank.

Contributed by Mike Dunn

My 60 cm Silver Arowana eats mice! The perfect way to rid your house of mice. My kids mice proliferate greatly and I have no choice but to keep the population down. Solution? my Arowana comes to the rescue. In nature the food cycle is a necessity, but at the house you must keep your sanity. The kids are in bed when Jack gets fed and really do not miss all those little creatures anyway.

Contributed by John Henry

I am glad to see so many Silver Arowana fanatics, but I am concerned to see so many people keeping more than one Arowana in a 380-500 L tank. This can cause unnecessary stress on the fish as they grow very fast and space becomes an issue. Another problem that occurs is gill curl, which happens when an Arowana moves backwards instead of turning, due insufficient space. I know Arowanas are beautiful fish, but please consider your tank size before adopting this species.

Contributed by Merrick Ah-Shene

I have owned my silver for over 16 years now. I've kept my 90 cm in a 1500 liter tank. Many others have died from contamination of live and wild food. People aren't joking about how strong they are. My first big aquarium (800 L) got completely shattered by a startled arowana. My 1500 L is 1/2 in. thick acrylic with a heavy duty custom made lid. I feed him small birds and live fish. Have fun with your silvers and enjoy!

Contributed by Matt Hendricks

About 10 months ago I bought 4 baby silver arowanas. They grow so fast, one of them is already 45 cm and the rest are 40 cm. Our regular visitors here at Stella Maris Seaman's Centre - Kaohsiung, Taiwan are always delighted watching them. Sometimes when I feed them, I can actually touch them. When I open the door of the centre, they will all look towards my direction. I reckon they are not just beautiful fish, they are intelligent as well. I don't regret keeping them. I like and I love them.

Contributed by Abe Resmeros

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