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Betta splendens
Siamese Fighting Fish

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Photo Credit: Sharyn Smith

I have beautiful blue-black male Betta that I got a month ago, I really like it. But he was killing all the Neon Tetras and Guppies. Also Bettas are VERY agressive towards Red-Tail Black Sharks from my experience, so I donīt recommend putting a Red-Tail Shark and a Betta together.

Contributed by Dejah Anderson

I have a blue and purple Betta in a 40 liter tank in my room. I keep it with 4 White Clouds, 2 Sunset Variatus and a Ghost Shimp. They all get along very well and my Betta is my favorite fish in the tank. It seems to love to hide behind all the rocks in my tank. My Betta also nips at my baby snails and even eats some of them. It always will spread its fins when the other fish get too close to him and I think it is some kind of warning to get away. I also have a 100 liter tank with a male Betta and 3 Females, and I keep them with 10 White Clouds and 2 Snowball Plecos. I would recommend this fish to beginners because of its hardiness and because they are very very beautiful.

Contributed by Eric

My Betta, Bubba (I'm from the Southern USA) was a spur of the moment buy at Walmart. I felt really sorry for this pale teal, red, and silver fish in barely enough water to cover his body, so I brought him home. He is a little larger than most of the Bettas I have seen, about 7 cm. Well, I recently bought a 45 liter tank so I could have something contructive to spend my money on. I put him in there, and he immediately declared himself King of the Castle. Before that he was kept in a 4 liter size Goldfish bowl. A week ago I put 3 Fancy Guppies with pretty, rounded tails in. The next morning, it looked like someone had shot their tails full of holes. I sincerely doubted my female Guppy (the only one with non tattered tail) would do that to the males, so I had to remove my very spoiled Betta and put him back in his bowl. He doesn't seem to mind, but I really wish I could put him in my community tank. I don't want to risk what is left of Guppiesī tails nor my new Bumblebee Gobies, so he will just have to stay in solitary confinement I suppose.

Contributed by (no name given)

I had a beautiful blue and purple Betta, I added him to my friendly community tank and he was great, so beautiful. BUT, whenever I added new fish, he would stalk them and bite them up, their fins and tails. I caught him with a Neon Tetra in is mouth, he had it around its stomach. He was very aggressive to newcomers. Killing: 3 Neons, a Swordtail and 2 Guppys.

Contributed by Corey Evelyn

It's been wonderful to read all the enthusiastic comments about Bettas. We have several males of varied colors in several different setups with other fish. Females are hard to find in our area (but when they are available we'll be setting them up!).

One beauty is in a small 4 liter tank that we traditionally use as our hospital tank (he's a new addition in seclusion until proven totally healthy). The tank has 5 different varieties of plants from a medium Amazon Sword to a couple of Banana lants and a few in between. He seems pretty content and shares the space with one small Rainbow Danio.

Another lives with a breeding pair of Angelfish and a good sized Pleco in a 150 liter tank. He immediately staked out his little float of plants. This male seems to think the snails a far more tempting opponent than anything else around and will display for hours at the tiniest snails near his float.

My first Betta, Joseph, lives in my main community tank - 570 liters - still in progress but with plants in the strata and a hefty float. My husband made a wonderful little floating corral out of PVC pipe and aquarium sealant that keeps the float from spreading and taking over the entire top of the tank. Joseph loves to press into the float and hover about, and sometimes he takes a cruise about the entire tank checking out what the other fish are up to (3 varieties of Neons, 2 Varieties of Tetras, one large Angel, Rainbow Danios and a few odd fish besides). He seems to be just as content and inquisitive as the others.

Some of these tanks have slow aggitation, others have a more vigorous flow. I've not seen any signs of stress in these Bettas. My daughter has just purchased her very first tank and you guessed it - one beautiful indigo and crimson male Betta to fill it! I think he'll be quite content in his currently seasoning 95 liter home. Viva la Bettas!

Contributed by Jean

When I purchased Meander, a turquoise-red male, I specifically asked the fish store guy if he would eat snails. "No," he said. I asked if he would eat them if they were little bitty. "No," he said again. So naturally the first thing Meander did when I dumped him in his little cube was pop a snail in his mouth. The rest of the snails now remain above the water line and cannot be persuaded to venture into the water. Bad fish!

Contributed by Bonnie May

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