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Siamese Fighting Fish

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Photo Credit: Sabrina

I have a maroon and white one in a 40 liter living with a SAE, oto, and black mystery snail. They seem to get along with no problems. I also have a light blue/white one that lives in a 4 liter container with a black mystery snail and a couple of peace lilies to suck out the nitrates. His feeding is amazingly aggressive, almost as if he's attacking the food. It's kind of amusing to watch. Sometimes he'll miss and try again. He also seems to know where his food is stored as he gets very excited when I grab the food. One of the best tricks I've seen a previous betta of mine do was attack a pond snail. The snail was hanging around the glass. The betta dove and bit at it in one single motion. He didn't get to eat it that time, but it did knock the snail off the glass.

Contributed by a visitor

My Betta lives in a tank more suitable for him. He lives in a tank with many types of fish. They can live in bowls, but the reason people think that is because in Asia where they are found the water in the rice patties recede in to small pocket of water. The bettas can live in that pocket of water for a limited amount of time, reducing the life span. Bettas are like any other type of fish, they need the same type of care. The bettas prefer the temperature about 24-29°C. Their preferred tank size is a 20 liter or larger. There should be one betta per 120 liters, me I have two in my 200 L living for 2 years and counting. Bettas are more active in a tank with good filtration and helps them live a longer and a healthier life. Bettas are semi-aggressive, when putting two bettas in a small tank like 8, 20, or even a 40 L.

Contributed by Jimmy T

I have 6 female bettas and one male betta. The females all live together in a 40 liter tank with live and fake plants, and hiding places. The male lives alone in a 20 liter tank with a hiding place and fake plants. He lives with one of those bottom feeders and a catfish. They all get along great. The male is so funny. He will only eat dried bloodworms. He does this beautiful little dance everytime I come up to the tank. He has to show me how beautiful he is. All the females are so pretty. I fould a couple females with long fins. I have one of every color except yellow and orange. They explore everything. I put my finger in the females' tank and they come up and rub against me. Its seems as though they like to be petted. When they sleep, they all go to bed together in this tall plasitc plant. They wedge themselves between the leaves, one above another like it's bunkbeds. I LOVE my bettas and highly recommend them to anyone who wants fish.

Contributed by Jacquelyn Gross

This was the first fish I ever kept, and continues to be one of my favorites. I don't tend to keep them in communities, because my experience is the males will get frayed fins unless you have super-peaceful tank mates, and that some of the fish, even females, can be aggressive. Just like people, it all depends on the fish. I have had female bettas kill male bettas (when attempting to breed them), guppies, platys, and a baby molly once. For their health, I tend to keep bettas separated. Also, they JUMP!

Contributed by Steph Mantz

I have a male betta (blue and purple) and 3 females (blue, red, black). The male lives in a 10 litern aquarium by himself and the three females live together in my 75 liter community aquarium with other fish (barbs, gouramis, catfish and danios). I recently had a spurt of Ich in one of my 40 L aquariums that wiped out the whole tank. So then I decided to completely drain it and set it up as a betta spawning tank. After about a month, I put the male betta splendens in the 40 L aquarium and let him establish his territory. About a week later, I put the red female in a float and let them get accustomed to each other. After about 3 days of flaring the male started to make his bubble nest. After the bubble nest was completed I added the female into the aquarium with him. They flared and he chased her until finally they started the mating process. They went on for 7 hours until they finally stopped mating. Even though I failed this first time (because the temperature was too cold) they continued and I will soon have around 70 baby betta splendens fry!

Contributed by Josh Perkins

I am completely besotted with my red fighting fish, I called him Sauron. Even my fiancé who previously thought fish were ‘crap pets’ thinks Sauron is the best pet EVER! He’s definitely got a personality and follows my finger and stakes out his territory and keeps the other fish in check. For the past year I’ve kept him in a 10 L bowl and he was very happy, if a little vicious. He kept biting off my apple snails eye stalks, but has stopped now. I did buy a window cleaner fish at one point but had to take him back because he got too big and kept attacking Sauron. Sauron started getting quite shabby so I took a chance and have put him in my 180 L tank, and he loves it! His fins have grown back to their original chiffony, colourful state and he looks very happy and alert all the time. I made sure he has lots of plants and perching places, and I don’t have any other aggressive fish and wont do till Sauron finally pops his clogs, which I hope wont be for a very long time! I recommend these fantastic fish to anyone!

Contributed by Charlotte

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