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Semaprochilodus taeniurus & S. insignis
Jaraqui, Silver Prochilodus, Flagtail Prochilodus, Redfin Prochilodus

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Semaprochilodus_jaraqui_1.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: John Nakachima

Name: Semaprochilodus taeniurus/insignis
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Amazon Basin
25 cm 200 L 6.8 25C


We have two flagtails in a large 180 cm tank. They are fairly active and in some ways are similar to bala sharks in terms of their behaviour. They do hassle each other a bit, and I've heard that as they get bigger (they grow huge!) they will hassle each other and others species more and more.

Contributed by Johnny Manganese

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