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Sciaenochromis fryeri
Electric Blue Hap, Electric Blue 'Ahli'

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Sciaenochromis_fryeri_1.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: VirpZ

Name: Sciaenochromis fryeri
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)
14 cm 150 L 8.1 26C


I have a big male Fryeri in my 220 litre African tank, and you can just tell that this fish is the King of the Tank! He chases everyone away from his rock pile, but not so much that he becomes aggressive. This fish can be very aggressive towards males AND females of their own kind, and others as well, so be careful when mixing them. Attempting to breed these fish requires a large tank, at least 300 litres, and keeping only one male with several females. Provide plenty of cover for the females, as the male can sometimes beat them to death if they are unwilling to breed. These are a wonderful fish, very entertaining to watch and very curious about the world outside their tank! Good luck!

Contributed by Zach

I have one 14 cm Electric Blue in a 230 L tank. I love this fish to death, with his iridescent blue scales and also his top white fin, although my girlfriend doesn't seem to feel the same way (attacked and killed her favourite fish, a young 6 cm Convict cichlid). Nevertheless, he only harasses the fish that dare to enter or approach his slate cave. I originally had him in a small 80 L tank, but quickly realised he needed more space. He has been living happily for one year in the new tank now (when I say happily I mean king of the tank). I agree that this fish needs a lot of space or he may become aggressive with other fish, especially those whole even remotely resemble him, so maybe not one to try until a beginner has researched this fish more. I have been feeding him blood worms and occasionally I will treat him to a couple of feeder fish. He also sometimes pecks at the algae wafers I give to the other fish. All in all a good fish for the experienced hobbyist.

Contributed by Dran Hally

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