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Rineloricaria teffeana
Tiffany Whiptail Catfish, Tefe Whiptailed Loricaria

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Rineloricaria_teffeana_2.jpg (35kb)
Photo Credit: Blair C.

Name: Rineloricaria teffeana
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Amazon River Basin
14 cm 100 L 6.8 24C


Tiffany Whiptails are long and thin, and are widest at the head. These Whiptails love to just sit in large plants such as Amazon Swords to rest and graze. The tail has very long extensions, which can be half the length of the body. They are exceptionally peaceful fish, gliding, rather than swimming, around the aquarium. These Whiptails eat algae wafers and will usually eat cucumber. If you have larger pieces of gravel that are algae-ridden, the whiptail will search for them and then clean them very thoroughly.

Contributed by Blair C.

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