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Neocaridina denticulata sinensis
Red Cherry Shrimp

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Red_Cherry_Shrimp_1.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Karl Kwong

I brought ten 6 months and now I have nearly a hundred of them. They are active and fun to watch. They consume algae and leftovers in the tank. But only the female is red (especially when she is carrying eggs), the male is kind of transparent.

Contributed by Karl Kwong

Red_Cherry_Shrimp_3.jpg I bought 5 RCS (1 male and 4 female) 5 months back and now I have more than 60 shrimp. The very next day I brought them, one of the egg carrying females gave around 20 babies. After 1 week the only male shrimp died, but babies grew up quickly as I feed them boiled spinach, tomato, potatoes and sometimes Tetra Bits. They usually breed when the barometer falls and I do a 50% water change with at least 5C cooler water. After water change I switch off the light and very next morning I notice a few females are carrying eggs. For breeding purpose the tank should be shrimp only, because the babies are so tiny that any tiny fish can feed on them. There should be plenty of vegetation and algae for their proper growth and nutrition. They wipe out my all algae affected tanks in no time. They are my cute little algae eating squad.

Contributed by Souvik Ray

One month update: Currently I have more than 100 cherry shrimp. They are pretty hardy and beautiful shrimp and I like them a lot. They multiply themselves very fast, especially in monsoon season. When the temperature is around 24C and barometer falls before storm, I make a large water change with cooler water.

Contributed by Souvik Ray

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