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Rasbora trilineata
Scissortail Rasbora, Three-Lined Rasbora

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Rasbora_trilineata_1.jpg (31kb)
Photo Credit: Al Haitham Jassar

Name: Rasbora trilineata
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Southeast Asia
13 cm 100 L 7.0 25C


A great fish, I have a small school of them which are thriving and very hardy and adaptable to many water conditions. A minimum of 3 is what I reconmend or they will not school together and will appear shy. They eat flakes and bloodworms and frozen food. These fish also show their colours better with less stress. A school of 6 or more would be a great addition to any tank, just remember to keep them in a group and make sure they have enough room to swim because they are fast!

Contributed by Austin V

About a year ago I bought one of these fish on a whim. He thrived in my 130 L tank with loaches, harlequins, glass catfishes and danios. A peaceful and hardy fish, he got along great with all the other tank inhabitants and survived more than a few disease outbreaks. These fish are fast, and mine enjoys zooming across the tank. Being alone doesn't seem to bother him but he does tend to shoal with either the danios or harlequins, and perhaps getting a few companions would be preferable. All in all, a handsome fish that adds much to any community tank.

Contributed by a visitor

Beautiful fish but in my experience they are the worst tank jumpers I have ever had. I have lost three this way and it makes for very stressful cleanings or any other times the lid must be removed from the aquarium. I won't be getting any more of these fish.

Contributed by DJ

The scissortail rasbora is a very underated fish. In shop tanks they often look thin and colourless, but bring them home and feed them up and things soon change. They look magnificent in a planted tank and will use the top third of the water column which can often look bare. They can grow quite big so a 90 cm tank is probably best since they also need to be kept in a shoal. They are the best schooling fish to keep with angelfish in my opinion as they are not hyper or nippy like so many other shoaling fish of the same size.

Contributed by Donna

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