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Puntius melanampyx
Panda Barb, Ember Barb

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Puntius_melanampyx_1.jpg (kb)
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Name: Puntius melanampyx
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: India
8 cm 90 L 6.5 27C


These fish are very hardy, fast moving, over active, bundles of energy, although they do not move in groups; they come together for a short while and then split up again. They add an element of constant movement in the tank. They are in my rainbow tank and share the space with an ornate bichir, two bumble bee catfish, giant danios and an ecclectic mix of fully grown rainbows. Earlier they did well in my South American cichlid tank. I had thrown them in as feeders, but for some reason they thrived, grew and for some reason they were left alone. Now they add a spark to my planted rainbow tank.

Contributed by Christopher D Lima

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