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Puntius denisonii
Red-Lined Torpedo Barb, Rose Line Shark, Denison's Barb

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Photo Credit: Shermon Richter

I bought five of these fish for a planted 200 L tank. They colored up beautifully, and shoal well. They are peaceful and will eat whatever is served, though they seem to prefer live brine shrimp. I have some Oto's that will swim with them from time to time, maybe they like the lateral black line.

Contributed by Joe Corr

These fish are beautiful, and the red/pink lines are striking in a well planted tank. I keep a pair (there were only two in the shop, bought for £20) in a tank with a male betta fighter, mollies, platies, cherry barbs, and various coridoras catfish. They seem very placid, and group with the much smaller cherry barbs. I have seen them take a like to cucumber as an alternative food source, but much prefer bloodworms as already mentioned.

Contributed by Craig Larner

I've had Rose lines for a while now. They are very peaceful fish and I have never seen them be aggressive towards another fish. I keep mine in a 180 L tank. I feed them flake and bloodworms, I noticed bloodworms make their red stripe brighter. They like heavily planted tanks with driftwood I only got two but they're doing very well together. The only thing I don't like about this fish is the cost you have to pay for them.

Contributed by James Soares

I have 4 of these fish. I've had them for a year now. The longest is 15 cm and the smallest 10 cm. I keep them with 3 tinfoil barbs and 3 clown loaches. They all get along really good. Always swimming around together. I keep my water around 25-26°C. These fish seem to enjoy fast flowing water with plenty of oxygen. That's why I have 3 filters. I recommend these fish. Here they cost UK £10 each.

Contributed by Justin Summers

I bought my 10 Puntius denisonii some 6 months ago at a size of about 5-6 cm. After 5 weeks in a quarantine tank I put them into my 660 L tank with lots of other species. They are really cool, calm and beautiful, and they are all still there. Full coloration almost all the time, not harming anyone else and not harmed by anybody. They are all about 10 cm now. They are in a mixed “fish soup” tank with South American cichlids, African cichlids, danios, tetras, sphenops, botias, lineolatas, and others. One important thing is that my sajicas, my scalaries, and my Pelvicachromis are successfully breeding in the same tank, caring their fry. All these are territory protectors and they keep the denisonii’s away, but never hunt them, and the denisonii’s never harm the hard working parents. Just calm distance. I have never seen a more harmonic fish to keep even if they are fast and busy. But at the time they are not in their right environment. I wish to keep them in a separate tank (soon).

Contributed by Jon Stigersand

I have a single specimen in my 200 L tank. It is true that, if not kept with others of its own kind, it can harass smaller fish. I am trying to get another one so that the fish calms down a little. It keeps attacking (thought not fatally) all the other fish that are smaller and get in its way.

Contributed by Abhik

I've had 3 roseline sharks in my tank for a year. I recently bought 2 more babies, and now I have 5 total. They are in a 340 liter tall heavily planted tank, with plenty of swimming space. These fish are absolutely stunning, and my favorite by far. They do turn to a medium green on the top of their heads after a year or so. I have 4 discus fish, 4 clown loaches, 20 adult cardinal tetras, and a school of rummy noses. My favorites are the sharks and I reccommend these fish for sure.

Contributed by Paul Docter

These are the most beautiful and easy to keep freshwater tropical fish I have ever owned. They are so gorgeous! I saw them in a pet shop years ago and had to find out what they were; so after looking through all kinds of material, I was able to identify them and buy them online. They were shipped directly to my home without problem. I am very pleased with them and so is anyone who visits my home.

Contributed by Rita Snyder

I decided to buy two of these beauties when I was in the store. They retailed at US$59.99 but I waited until the price was lowered down to US$19.99. I got them when they were quite small and with hardly any color. When I brought them home and put them in my 144 L tank, they colored up right away! I know many people are saying that they should be in a bigger tank but these fish are very happy in mine for now. I have 6 tiger barbs, 3 black skirt tetras, a siamese algae eater, and a bristlenose pleco. They have not bothered any other fish in the tank, not even once! Also the other fish have not bothered the roselines as well. They get along GREAT together and sometimes they swim around together, and sometimes they both stay in one area. It's really neat to watch these fish as they are beautiful, peaceful and graceful. I only carry two as they do get bigger so that they aren't crammed with no space to swim. These fish are a must for any freshwater enthusiast!

Contributed by John

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