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Pseudotropheus sp. "Msobo"
Msobo Cichlid

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Pseudotropheus_Msobo_1.jpg (25kb)
Photo Credit: Karl Ruehs

Name: Pseudotropheus sp. "Msobo"
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)
10 cm 100 L 8.2 26C


I recently purchased 4 of these beautiful fish along with 4 auratus from my local pet shop. They all seem to get along well with each other, playing what seems like tag, darting in and out of the rock work. They do seem to be a bit more aggressive with each other, especially during feeding. Other than that, well worth the purchase.

Contributed by John

I have a male and 2 females (which have a gorgeous bright orange color). I keep them with 30 other mbunas in a 470 L with lots of rock formation and hiding places. Never had any problem. Overall I wouldn't consider them aggressive, but can hold their own when being attacked. Tankmates include auratus, kennyis, saulosi, yellow acei, metriaclima greshaki, metriaclima callainos.

Contributed by Claude

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