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Pseudacanthicus spinosus
Spiny Monster Pleco, Coffee & Cream Pleco

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Pseudacanthicus_spinosus_1.jpg (18kb)
Photo Credit: Karl Schoeler

Name: Pseudacanthicus spinosus
Origin: Amazon Basin

Size Tank pH Temp
26 cm 200 L 7.0 25C


I found one of these guys at a local pet shop, curious pleco. The day I bought it, it hid (and lodged itself) inside a tank ornament at the shop and couldn't get out. They joked around a bit saying "If you buy the fish, you get a free tank ornament!" Of course, after it was partially destroyed to free the fish haha. This fish seems to be a little sensitive to water conditions, but still hardy compared to some other rarer plecos. Not too active during the day, and usually stays hidden. Still an interesting pleco to have, as it's quite an eyecatcher with its body covered in small pointed scales.

Contributed by Ray

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