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Potamotrygon motoro
Ocellated River Stingray, Motoro Teacup Stingray

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Potamotrygon_motoro_1.jpg (27kb)
Photo Credit: William Cairo

Name: Potamotrygon motoro
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: South America
90 cm 1000 L 6.7 25C


I'm relatively new to the art and science of fishkeeping, but I consider myself a pretty diligent and informed aquarist. My 340 liter aquarium is the domain of a 20 cm stingray, two eels, an arowana and a host of almost a dozen other unusual tankmates. My experience with my stingray, creatively named Sting, is that she is a very hardy and intelligent creature. She has learned to blow the substrate around to fish out burried food, trap and devour feeder fish and curiously climbs the sides of her home. I am soon going to be investing in a 3000 liter tank for my newest family members, and hope to purchase some friends for Sting. She eats about 5 choppeed earthworms a day and will snack on feeders and bloodworms when none are availible. She is very friendly (except to feeder fish) and thankfully hasn't learned to use her sting. These animals are very graceful and undemanding, all they need is some good water, good food and good friends. I would recommend this animal to anyone, and for those of you worried about how dangerous a stingray is, they are VERY safe as long as you don't jam your hand down onto their stingers.

Contributed by a visitor

These rays are a georgous and are not for beginers. This ray is actually a morph of Potamotrygon leopoldi, not motoro, and carries a heavy price tag as opposed to its motoro counterpart. Aside from this fact, leopoldis are pretty hardy and reach a much bigger size than your teacup stingray species and tanksize should match accordingly. My four leopoldis are housed in a custom plexiglass aqarium measuring 2.7 by 1.1 by 0.9 meters, which is more than enough for this many. They love many foods such as shrimp, clam and especially (their favorite) EARTHWORMS! If you have experience with other stingray species and you want to try something a little more your level than this is the ray for you.

Contributed by Thomas Zoutis

The motoro stingray is one of the most fascinating creatures you can keep! They are said to be hard to keep and I would agree that they are not for the beginner. There are a few golden rules to keeping stingrays, one is keep the water stable and clean. They don't like pH fluctuations, nitrites must be zero and nitrate very low. This means plenty of freshwater and lots of water changes. Another tip: don't let your ray go hungry, the 'as much as they will eat in 2 minutes' guide to keeping common tropical fish goes out the window, especially when they are young. A well fed ray is a happy ray, when small I feed them bloodworms and they graze on it almost all day. Also try chopped earthworms and any shrimp/mussel/cockles you can get it to eat. Mine refused all food except earthworms and bloodworms, this is OK as long as they are getting enough of it - but try and convince them that variety is a good thing! As long as they are putting on weight though, don't be too concerned. I could go on and on about what to look for when buying etc, but the best thing to do is research these amazing creatures before buying. I keep mine in a large tank with 12 discus, an eel and a few congos tetras.

Contributed by Simon Cooper

Not many specimens have been sold in Australia, due to the fact they are illegal imports and, if caught selling or keeping, a hefty fine will follow. But they usually get sold without any problems. They are usually sold when their disk are 10 cm diameter. Since they are illegal imports, they are sold for a minimum $1000 AUD. In aquariums (LFS) they feed them squid and whitebate. They love them very much often can be handfed. They are a collecter's wish come true to be able to own a specimen.

Contributed by Stephen Ly

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