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Potamotrygon histrix
Porcupine River Stingray, Hystrix Teacup Stingray

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Photos & Comments

Potamotrygon_histrix_1.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: Randy

Name: Potamotrygon histrix
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Parana/Paraguai River Basins
40 cm 400 L 6.7 24C


I owned two hytrix rays in a 830 liter aquarium along with a 60 cm silver arowana. I had the rays for over 3 years and the arowana for about 2 years. I've also kept motoro rays. I strongly recommend motoro's over hytrix. They're a hardier ray and have a sand paper like disc, as opposed to the soft disc of a hystrix. I no longer have these rays or arowana. My male ray killed the female during courtship and the arowana and male ray were sold to a friend. I don't recommend keeping a pair (male and female) of rays in an aquarium of too big of size. I and many others I've read about have lost the female because the male was too aggressive. Smaller tanks will discoruage mating.

Contributed by Derek Delisi

I personally think this is the easiest stingray to keep. It is fairly inexpensive compared with other rays and does not grow as large. I kept mine for about a year in a 240 L tank with catfish and an orange pike, and had no problems, until a piece of lava rock fell on it and it died! It ate bloodworms, frozen fish, live shrimp and sometimes live goldfish. I recommend a dark, fine substrate to enhance this ray's colour.

Contributed by Domenico Cattini

I've had my hystrix for a little over a year now and it's been a lot easier than my retic's were to care for. She has never had a problem eating and just seems to be a rather hardy ray. If you have a pair you just need to make sure the male is quite a bit smaller than the female, so she won't be injured during courtship. I have mine in a 470 L with a black arowana and 6 silver dollars.

Contributed by Will Teters

An an illegal import in Australia, but not as expensive as the Potamotrygon motoro. They still have a price minimum of $1000 AUD. They aren't that attractive and loved by collectors due to the lack of pattern and colouration overall.

Contributed by Stephen Ly

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