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Poecilia wingei
Endlers Livebearer, Endler's Poecilia, Campona Guppy

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Photo Credit: Adam Paul

Although more vividly colored than a wild guppy, Endlers can be crossed with guppies and are arguably simply a naturally occuring breed of guppy. Others argue they are a different species. Either way, they are strikingly beautiful with their silver, and deep bright orange, brighter than a wild guppy. Their females are HUGE as well and are prolific. These are recommended for community tanks, and crossing with fancy guppies creates amazing tail types.

Contributed by Pedro Ramirez

You would be hard pressed to find a hardier fish. Endler's have proven to be a great fish for elementary classroom aquariums. They are prolific breeders, don't need a heater in Texas, and can survive first time fishkeeper mistakes. A great beginner fish and a good community fish. A good introduction for wild livebearers if one is interested in wild type fish.

Contributed by Frank Vasquez

This is an absolutely beautiful fish. Mine are peaceful to everything but (for some reason) specifically MALE guppies. Otherwise it is happy go lucky. The colors are magnificent, and the male barely reaches 2.5 cm! If kept with female guppies - it WILL breed with them, making hybrid but beautiful offspring. I'd recommend this fish to anyone with any size tank.

Contributed by Ryan Shields

I bought 3 pairs of these little guys. They are so neat to watch. These fish are just like guppies. The females are larger and they are plain. They have babies all the time just like a guppy. I have mine in a tank by themselves. They love to hide in plants. You should keep more females than males. I believe they would be a great addition to a community tank of smaller fish like neons or guppies.

Contributed by Heather Hiwiller

The most common problem with Endler's Livebearers these days is finding pure ones. A breeder once told me that the most sure way to tell if one is a Guppy cross, is to look for the ice blue/white dorsal. It is almost always lost in a cross. I obtained my first breeding group of Endlers' online, and have enjoyed breeding them as well as the ease of selling them - everyone loves Endler's!

Contributed by Melody

I have 120, as a result of about 4 pairs in a custom made 60 cm tank now! The tank is about 110 liters. They are very lively, always swimming about, searching for food. The males will always flare at one another, as well as at the females, to try to impress them. Very pretty fish!

Contributed by Thomas Low

Males are hard to find and females harder, except at club auctions. Mine seem to need about 26C to look good and I really advise lots of heat, since they come from small ponds in North Venezuela. At less than 24C mine got white spots,

Contributed by Richard Scott

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