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Pimephales promelas
Rosy Red Minnow, Fathead Minnow, Baitfish

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Breeding Pair. Photo Credit: Joseph (Noname)

I have 4 of these and they're not just for feeding. They can come in many colors: white, red, brown, orange, or mixed. They are entertaining and eat like catfishes sometimes. They grow to a good size and one of mine follows my finger everywhere. Only once one of them jumped out. They are very hardy fish too.

Contributed by Sean Ables

I got these little guys for feeders like must people do and once I got them in the tank changed my mind. I started out with 12 of them. I have now got a school of 24 in my 245 L planted tank. They have this awesome color to them under the light, I can see the red in their side and a light hint of white on the tip of the fins. They have set up and started running with my zebra danios. My wife saw them and fell in love with them as well. She now has a school of 30 in her 280 L community tank. I haven't seen a single one of them stop moving and they are without a single thought members of the tank and not food like they were first bought for.

Contributed by Leslie Ferguson

I bought about 40 rosy reds to feed my Jack Dempsey cichlid. I've set up 40 L tank to quarantine them. Also, this day I bought a crayfish. Most of them were very sick and died quickly from some kind of disease that I did not identify: their bodies were wrapped by dead tissue, they could not swim properly and died off. Some of them fell victims of the crayfish who just halfed them. In a couple of weeks I ended up with two rosy reds and the crayfish who eventually escaped the tank (his third attempt) and dried up somewhere (never found him). So, currently these two cheerful rosy reds are the only occupants of my cold water 40 L tank. They are active and pretty and I have no intention to give them to my monstrous Jack Dempsey. The tank stands in my home office and I am always delighted by their happiness and sprightness. This is the only tank that requires very little maintenance: 50% water change once a month, sporadic feeding. They are happy little fish. In my opinion, they are best choice for kindergardens, doctor's offices and busy people's studies. Very good companion fish while you are working, thinking or reading.

Contributed by Svetlana I.

It seems that they are illegal in most places of the USA to sell as bait. They're fine for pets, but if sold as bait without a certain license, they will be taken away and you could serve time in jail, or pay a fee. Just thought I'd point it out.

Contributed by Josh Wilson

The red rosy is a red/orange form of wild fathead minnows and they are commonly used for feeder fish or bait. But they can make excellent pets due to being cheap and hardy. They don't need any heater since these are coldwater minnows. I love red rosies as they look like thin goldfish, don't grow big and are less messy! I keep them with zebra danios and white cloud mountain minnows.

Contributed by Tyler Gilson

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