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Parotocinclus jumbo
Pit Bull Pleco, LDA-25

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Parotocinclus_jumbo_1.jpg (26kb)
Photo Credit: John Nakachima

Name: Parotocinclus jumbo
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Northeast Brazil
6 cm 50 L 6.4 26C


I previously kept two of these small plecos in a 55 L aquarium with Zebra Danios and Corydoras Catfish. They were the most active plecos I've ever kept, and very enjoyable to watch. They also cleaned up any algae that developed very quickly. I fed these fish on spirulina algae flake and algae wafers. They were very hardy, and I would recommend them for small community aquariums.

Contributed by Sean McKinley

The Pit Bull is a small and not very aggressive catfish. I've had a green/brown one for over a year now and it's only 5 cm long. It spends most of its time under shade lying on the substrate and it's not very active at all by day. It eats my mushed up vegetables and doesn't seem to eat plants. It is alone in my tank and seems to have adopted my Bronze Corys as companions, as it often mimics their behaviour. A nice fish to have, just don't expect it to be out under the lights much.

Contributed by Stuart Halliday

I've had a pitbull plec for some time now and he is by far the best pleco for any small aquarium. He is very active and amusing to watch, and is very peaceful as well. He is living with 3 yoyo loaches, and pays no attention to them at all. He likes to eat the algae off the driftwood, as well as the sides of the tank. I would recommend them to anyone :)

Contributed by a visitor

I purchased Honk 6 months ago, he is now 5 cm long, does a fine job on algae clearance and is generally a top janitor. No one has told him that he should only be out at night as he is active during the day, usually patrolling one of several bogwood rises in the tank.

Contributed by Chris Grimes

I bought a juvenile Pitbull Pleco to do the clean up in my 280 L tank, because the 4 Golden Mystery Snails were not doing a fast enough job, due to my lack of patience. In 48 hours, he had every bit of algae gone! The most active Pleco I have ever seen. I don't dispute the other comment about them hiding in the shade, but from my experience he doesn't mind the light in the least, but when I turn the lights off at night, he's much more active and he doesn't eat my plants so that's a plus.

Contributed by Chris Vance

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