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Paratilapia polleni
Pollen's Cichlid, Pollen's Tilapia

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Paratilapia_polleni_1.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Daniel Machado

Name: Paratilapia polleni
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Madagascar
28 cm 300 L 7.0 26C


I have got 2 of these and I find they are very aggressive towards other fish. They will eat most foods, especially live fish.

Contributed by Tom Kellaway

I have a polleni and have found it to be very submissive to other fish, even almost being sooky at times. It eats everything, including flakes and pellets. Overall I would give it 2 out of ten stars.

Contributed by Craig

I recently got a Pollen's Cichlid, it very quickly lost most of its pretty blue spots although some are coming back now. At first the fish was very submissive, but has now eaten most of its tank mates and regularly picks on the ones he hasn't managed to eat or kill yet. He'll be moving to a tank all of his own soon!

Contributed by Jo Harris

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