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Macropodus opercularis
Paradise Fish

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Photo Credit: Danielle White

Oh how glad I am that I got me a Paradise fish! They are amazing creatures - beautiful! I started with a male, but because he seemed so restless and was constantly racing through the tank, I got him a mate. Now there's peace in the community. I keep them fed and they don't *snack* on their tank mates, either. They'll entertain you for hours, just watching the color changes in BOTH the male and female, and their little confrontations between each other. Truely awesome! And it's true - they DO make audible noises! Little burble sounds!

Contributed by Carole

Paradise Gouramis are a very fun fish to watch. I have a male and a female, who are with 3 Dwarf Gouramis, 2 Tiger barbs, a Rainbow Shark, a catfish and an Chinese algae eater. When it comes to feeding time the Paradise Gouramis are somewhat aggressive to each other and the others. My Paradise Gouramis love tubifex worms. If I put my finger in they will come up and nibble, but it doesn't hurt. For anyone who enjoys watching Gouramis, I suggest that you get a pair of Paradise Gouramis.

Contributed by Jeffrey Schmidt

I was able to communicate in a special way with Kippet, my paradise fish. I fed her broccoli, fruit flies, mosquito larvae, tubifex, live black worms, rice, noodles and flakes. With that unusually varied diet, she lived over three years, only passing away this week. She was a very interactive fish, often leaping out of the water to take food from my fingers. I will now look for another paradise fish.

Contributed by Peter Edwards

Paradise fish are awesome pets. I keep a 7 cm male in a small tank with an apple snail. He is incredibly alert and whenever someone walks by he swims around excitedly, hoping for food. They are an extremely forgiving fish in regards to temperature variations, water changes etc. This, combined with their curious personality and beautiful colors, make them a great beginner's fish. They are aggressive, mine ate the eyes out of the Otocinclus that I had in the tank with him. My paradise eats flake food, betta pellets, and oto eyes (which look like betta pellets) and anything else that it can fit into it's mouth that looks tasty. An awesome, intelligent fish to have.

Contributed by

I have 2 paradise fish with some Gouramis, a Giant Danio, a Albino Red Tail Shark, and a Siamese algae eater. When I first got my Paradise fish they were really timid and shy and the other fish would pick on him. The other fish which I had in the tank for a while already and was a little smaller than him would hang out beside him in the tank and defend him when the other fish would come after him, but then would pick on him itself. After a while, Cortez (the new Paradise fish), learned to get along with the other fish. He is by far my favorite fish, he will come to the edge of the tank and look at me for a while swim to the other side and watch my boyfriend for a while. He has such an exceptional personality and I couldn't be happier with my Paradise Fish. I would recommend this fish to anyone who is just beginning. He has the personality of a friendly little goldfish, but gets along well with a little more aggressive tropicals, and they come in such beautiful colors. Cortez is powder blue and brilliant red vertical stripes, and the other just basic brownish colour.

Contributed by Gretchan Beckett

I have a pair of paradise fish and they're not aggressive at all. I keep them with pearl gouramis, a rainbow shark, filament barbs and 2 peacock eels. They're great fish, very hardy. I taught mine to leap out of the water and take food from my hand.

Contributed by Bryan Arreza

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