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Macropodus opercularis
Paradise Fish

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Photo Credit: Joseph (Nonamethefish)

Paradise Fish seem get a bad reputation for aggression and not enough press for their ability to be an attractive, interesting school of fish...I can hear the protests..."School, you say? I thought males of these air breather types are tough on each other." Hardly. The males bluff and pose so much. This fish was another of my WalMart finds. Cheap, in good condition and in a huge batch. Bought 12 at less than 3 cm long and finished up with 6, which lived about 2.5 years. All died off near same time, but other fish in tank were fine. Is there an "old age" issue with air breathers? I am certainly not sure. Mine bred in surface hornwort in my 200 liter.

Contributed by Dave

Very aggressive fish, however, it is very pretty and hardy. The first one I had chased my fished around my 110 liter tank, so I moved him by himself. I bought another one, a black paradise fish, hoping the first was just real aggressive, and the black paradise fish was more aggressive!

Contributed by Craig Hochstadt

I really enjoy my paradise fish. I fell in love as soon as I saw him and just had to take him home. HARDY describes this fish well. My poor fish has survived a lot of moves and even an out of water experience when my tank broke. This magical fish is still going strong and is full of life and colour. I'm glad he's still with me, because it's a pleasure to relax, unwind and watch this fish.

Contributed by Julie Bauer

We have had our paradise fish for about six months now and just discovered some interesting behavior on the part of our animal. If we hold a cichlid pellet about 5 cm above the water for a couple of seconds, our fish will actually jump out and try to snatch the food from our fingers! No luck yet getting him to actually take the food, but we'll keep trying!

Contributed by Eric

I can't say enough good about Blue Paradise Gouramis. They interact a lot with people, are curious and mischevious, active, and very hardy. They are aggressive towards each other and certain other species, but with a little caution, they will make your favourite tank.

Contributed by Josh

I like these fishes. I got mine eight months ago. These fishes are very easy to breed, my paradise fish bred one week after I got the male. I already had a female in my 225 L tank. I introduced my new male with her and they got along well. All I saw was a bubble nest at the surface of my tank, then the babies appeared three days later. I removed the parents and fed the babies micro worms and finely crumbled flakes for two months until they got big enough to eat regular size flakes.

Contributed by John Nox

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