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Panaque maccus
Ringlet Pleco, Clown Pleco

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Photo Credit: Aileen

Wonderful little panaque. Prefers vegetable food, but frozen bloodworms should be given once weekly. They need lots of hiding space, otherwise they will show their stress colors. I have 4 of them in a 200 L community tank.

Contributed by Vedran Stincic

This was the second type of fish I bought for my new 180 liter tank. I bought him specifically to take care of the algae that started coating everything, ands boy did he ever. He had the tank cleaned up in a week, and now I'm feeding him algae tablets. Mine is very shy and will not come out of its burrow if there's any hint of light out. Speaking of burrows, I'm using a black sand substrate over a layer of Flourite, and he dug out a cave under one of the rocks in the tank. Now all that beautiful black sand has a streak of orange red flourite over it.

Contributed by Zac Feuerborn

I have two clown plecos in my tank. Both are enjoyable to watch gliding across the stones, on the ground searching for food, and then once finished, they enjoy going under the wood in the tank to hide until lights off time. Then they will move around on top of the wood and eat all the algae from the wood.

Contributed by Ian Barnes

I have a clown pleco as well. I nicknamed her Tigre which is spanish for tiger. Go figure. She never comes out of her cave unless the light is off. And not only that, she's six years old, and counting. She's fun to have even though I only see her at night. She can be such a pushover sometimes. I actually had to remove some of my fish because they were kicking her out of her cave. Poor girl.

Contributed by Giovanni

I have a clown pleco. He is one of my favourites. He comes out every now and then or just sits at the front of his cave and watches everything go on. I got him because I love the look of the pleco and I wanted a small one. They only get to be 10-13 cm. He is so pretty. He will defend his food from other fish. He likes to be the only ground feeder. Since I added a Chinese algae eater he stays in his home more than before. The Chinese is a bully and I might be finding him a new home soon. I think they are great plecos and, if you don't have room for the big guys, these clowns are the way to go. I love them.

Contributed by Sarah

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