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Panaque maccus
Ringlet Pleco, Clown Pleco

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Panaque_maccus_1.jpg (18kb)
Photo Credit: Mike Shaeffer

Name: Panaque maccus
Origin: Orinoco Basin

Size Tank pH Temp
10 cm 100 L 7.2 25C


I bought this fish under the name Clown Pleco. This fish is extremely shy, and will spend whole days at a time just resting out of site underneath my driftwood.

Contributed by Matt Knight

I have two of these clowns. They are approximately 7 cm in length. I put them in a 75 L tank that was being overrun with algae, especially the bogwood. They ate it all up in a day! They are fun little plecos to watch. Always on the search for food. Temp 24C, pH 6.9. I have had these for about 2 months. One has a much more leopard look than the other which is similar to the above picture. Truly love these little guys. Very inexpensive, good workers!

Contributed by tim s

These fish are great - hardworking, easy to keep and not too fussy about the temperature they're kept in. My two are in 28C and they're loving it! They get on well enough with their tankmates - 3 juvenile discus, 11 neon tetras and 5 cories - and the only time I've seen them act anywhere near violently is when one of the cories swims over them scavanging, and then they just dash off into another corner. Mine are only 4/5 cm at the moment, but they love to devour algae and keep my tank spotless - they're great!

Contributed by Jonny

Bought this fish under clown pleco too. He was very shy at first, but slowly became more outgoing. At first he used to be scared of me, whenever I would come by he would waddle back to his cave (I've never seen him swim, he always waddles), but now he goes out every once in a while to go suck on the drift wood. He also likes to flap his fins while he sucks on things. Don't know the significance, maybe it means he's happy lol.

Contributed by Scott M.

I purchased my Clown Pleco about 2 years ago. The only thing I can add about this fish is that it does eat wood, so driftwood is a must. If you need to see your fish on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis this fish probably is not for you. Also, if you are after an active algae eater this is not the fish to get. I see mine about once a month!

Contributed by Mike Shaeffer

I bought this as a clown pleco too, some three years ago, and he's been an absolutely great fish. He is in a 200 L tank, and shares a big piece of bogwood with a RTBS. The pleco lives at the bottom, while the RTBS has claimed the top, and neither wants or feels the need to move, even though there are many other pieces of wood in the tank. I have three other tanks, which have no plecos in them because they are smaller, and every few weeks I take out the wood and other decorations from those tanks, and place them in the 200 L, and the pleco has a feast as he cleans the borrowed decorations, which I then return to their original tanks.

Contributed by Nadia

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