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Oxydoras niger
Ripsaw Catfish, Black Coradid, Mother of Snails Catfish

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Oxydoras_niger_2.jpg (36kb)
Photo Credit: Giv R.

Name: Oxydoras niger
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Peru, Brazil
90 cm 1000 L 7.0 24C


Wonderful catfish, I bought mine at about 10 cm and 5 months later he is over 30 cm. When I first purchased this fish he would not come out from his hiding place until night and the lights were off, then he would cruise the tank searching for food. They have very big appetites and mine loves his sinking carnivore pellets and shrimp pellets. He is just now coming up to the surface to gulp down his share of the floating cichlid pellets. I have him housed in a 2300 L tank with 2 Oscars, Silver Arowana, Red Belly Pacu, 7 Silver Dollars and 3 Severums. Water temp is about 27C and pH 6.8. This cat is very docile, but I still wouldn't recommend any small tank mates that he could swallow. A perfect addition to any aquarium that can accommodate a tank buster such as this.

Contributed by Giv R.

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