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Osphronemus goramy
Giant Gourami, Common Gouramy

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Photo Credit: Tanzil Khalil

I've had 2 giant Gouramis now for about 4 years. One is a normal grey the other is a pink Gourami. They will eat both meat or fish, as well as vegetable matter of many descriptions. They also don't seem to mind pellet foods. They are both housed in a 1500 liter tank and I have an external canister as well as an internal filter which I made from a bucket. They are messy fish as they produce copious amounts of waste, especially when they are on a vegetable diet only. So to give the aquarium filters a rest I feed them pellets for 2 to 3 days and vegetable and protein matter for the next 3. If they are on a vegetable diet it is important to feed them at least twice a day, as this is digested pretty fast. They are a very gentle and calm group of fishes and can be taught to eat from the hand. They are a big fish species and grow up to 70 cm, however mine are only 45 to 50 cm long. They do display some aggressive behavior towards some catfishes, but other than that they don't seem to mind other fishes.

Contributed by Tanzil Khalil

These nice fish start out as peaceful non-aggressive fish, easily bullied by their tankmates, but in short time they can become very aggressive and hold their own with almost any fish. I believe they are as entertaining as Oscars and as smart as any fish. I am very happy to own one of these big boys and if you have a large enough tank I would suggest that you try one out.

Contributed by Nick C

I've kept a few of theses giants, although giant is an understatement. They are very peaceful for a fish of that size. I've kept 5 of them, 2 in a 280 L tank with an oscar, clown knife, and a pleco. The other 3 were kept in a 470 liter with 4 gold weather loaches, 4 Buenos Aires tetras, and a royal pleco. So, as you can see, these fish are great canidates for both a community tank (as long as none of the fish can fit in the gourami's mouth) and a large predatory fish tank.

Contributed by Scott Wilson

Very nice fish. A little wimpy when small, but as soon as it puts on some size (which is rather quickly) it can hang with any fish! Often times it can become the tank bully! You need at least a 400 liter tank to keep this fish happy.

Contributed by Nick Cardinale

I have a nine month old giant gourami, and it is wonderful. It loves peas, not frozen, and live food alternative sticks that I bought at Wal Mart. It is about 20 cm now, and swims up to the glass to see me when I walk by. I have him in a 950 L tank of large cichlids and some pacus, and everyone gets along great!

Contributed by Kyle Kempf

My son gave me a giant gouramy for my birthday. At the time it was 8 cm long. Now it has grown to 35 cm in seven months. It swims in an 850 L tank together with an arowana witch is 75 cm long, 2 irridescent sharks who are around 40 cm long and a couple of other fish. In the summer of this year a friend of mine is going to help me build a 2500 L pond so the fish will have enough space to swim. I love this gouramy and hope it then will grow out to a full 65 cm.

Contributed by Aart Ruizing

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