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Aulonocara sp. x Pseudotropheus estherae OB
OB Peacock, OB Hybrid Aulonocara

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OB_Peacock_1.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Aaron Alcantar

Name: Aulonocara sp. x Ps. estherae OB
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Domestic Hybrid
12 cm 100 L 8.0 28C


This is one of my favorite peacocks. It's colorful and it's not that aggresive. I have one that is bluish-orange and the spots are evenly present all over its body, the other one is a bit yellow. This color morph of peacock has a counterpart on the Mbuna family - petshops in my country confusingly name both the OB peacock and the fuelleborn's Mbuna as Mixed Malawi Cichlids. I just love cichlids and OB peacock is one of those that I really like a lot.

Contributed by Joelito Arellano

I had an OB Peacock in a 200 liter African tank and it was beautiful. It grew moderately fast and after trading in a couple monsters (Auratus, Chipokee) it became the biggest fish in the tank. This fish looks like it was painted with colors of orange, black, and white. Once they mature, iridescent spots on the tail grow more vibrant. This was my favorite fish and had it for about one year. I later made the mistake of adding a demasoni cichlid to the tank, which resulted in an OB Peacock with one eye. Don't make the same mistake I did. :(

Contributed by Mug

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