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Nannostomus mortenthaleri
Coral Red Pencilfish, Ruby Red Pencilfish, Peruvian Red Pencil Fish

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Nannostomus_mortenthaleri_1.jpg (21kb)
Photo Credit: Tula Top

Name: Nannostomus mortenthaleri
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Peru
3 cm 40 L 6.8 25C


I've had my Coral Red Pencilfish for about a year now and they are one of the best and hardest little fish I've owned. They eat just about any type of flake food and are very responsive to movement outside the tank. I have them in a 50 L community tank with Celestial Pearl Danio's and a few shrimp, and they make great tank mates.

Contributed by Brad Clarkston

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