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Melanotaenia parkinsoni
Parkinson's Rainbowfish

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Melanotaenia_parkinsoni_1.jpg (12kb)
Photo Credit: Kate Claxton

Name: Melanotaenia parkinsoni
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Papua New Guinea
11 cm 150 L 7.7 27C


M. parkinsoni have mainly a light blue/silver body with broken orange/yellow colouration around the tail and fins, which deepens as the fish grows. Often mistaken for Boesemani Rainbows, these fish are smaller and have longer bodies than the Boesemanis. Drab when juvenile, but WELL worth the wait for adult colouration! They can be kept with community fish or in a rainbow species tank. Like most rainbows, they are highly active fish and require plenty of swimming space. They are extremely greedy feeders and appreciate a varied diet from flake to live food. A word of caution: when keeping any mixed groups of Rainbowfish - hybridisation can occur and is frowned upon by many dedicated rainbow keepers. Rainbowfish tend to be fairly hardy, but are not recommended for newer setups, they prefer a mature tank with good current and low nitrates.

Contributed by Kate Claxton

These are the best fish I have ever owned. They are a little more rare than most rainbows, so they can be kind of high in price, but they are definitely worth it. The color of the adults is amazing, it's hard to find orange/black freshwater fish!

Contributed by Gavin W.

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