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Melanoides tuberculata
Malaysian Trumpet Snail, Malayan Trumpet Snail

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Photo Credit: Felipe Aoki Gonçalves

A friend sent me two of these guys. I never though they would actually multiply (I'm not a good breeder). Today I found many of these little guys all over the tank--they're adorable! They stay small and they aren't pests, plus if you want fish food or extra money I would recommend these to you. They are also great just as pets (of course). Too bad you can't usually find them in stores. At least many people sell these guys.

Contributed by Amanda

I often find some of these in my tub where I store my tubifex worms. They are the only elongated aquarium snails that I've ever seen. Unlike of some species of snails, they are not plant eaters, but clean up the algae of the community tank. They are also very hardy.

Contributed by Arpan Saha

The Malaysian trumpet snails reproduce extremely fast in my African cichlid system at Aquatic Warehouse in San Diego, USA. Most of the botia species I keep with them eat a few, but they never really eradicate them. They are mostly beneficial, but usually are unsightly when they cover the floor or the glass. I have found that the brackish water puffers eat them fairly completely, but it is definitely a losing battle to eliminate them, so I just sift them out of the sand when they become too plentiful. If customers want them I gladly give them away, but I can't ever give perfect advice for getting rid of them. Clogging up filters is their biggest downfall, but it is offset by all of their attributes! Snail away!

Contributed by Sam Scalz

I currently have a 285 L heavy planted aquarium, where these snails were put during the first stages of planting. I was given about 15 from my LFS. They do a great job keeping the algae out of my mini tears and micro sword. They are however becoming more populous than expected. I am importing a few clown loaches to hopefully head off the problem before it gets out of hand. A must have in any planted aquarium! Just keep an eye on the amount!

Contributed by a visitor

Trumpet snails get out of hand only when they are overfed. If you do not overfeed your tank then the snails will not be able to breed as fast and you will not have them breeding like rabbits. I keep them in my tanks and I am not being overrun with them like a lot of people say they are being. I have 8 planted tanks with them in it and several tanks have fish breeding in them, so I know that I am giving plenty of food for the fish and not a lot for the snails. I would not get rid of them in my tanks because they are like earthworms in the aquarium. They will find bits of food that were missed by the fish, and turn it into food for the plants. They also keep the anaerobic bacteria from being formed (the type that turns uneaten food into the rotten sulfur gas smell).

Contributed by William

I am keeping these snails and have found a great way to help curb or reduce the population is to use the salt shaker method--but instead of lettuce, use an algae wafer or other sinking pellet. The snails will gladly crowd into the trap within about ten or twenty minutes. Lift the trap out and repeat!

Contributed by Shai

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