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Mastacembelus armatus
Tire Track Eel, White-Spotted Spiny Eel, Zig Zag Eel

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My tiretrack eel is awesome to watch, almost acts like a dog at times. Gets along well with my other fish, but tends to be best friends with my Black Ghost Knifefish. He also loves his frozen bloodworm and started eating out of my hand the very first time I tried it.

Contributed by Peter van der Merwe

I first got my tire track eel in Sep/1993. It's Jan/2007 and he is still alive 13 years and 4 months later. The amazing thing most people might find hard to believe is, he has had hole in the head disease for almost 8 years now. It is horrible looking too. Even with the severe disease, he still follows me and has his personality. Also, his appetite is still fully there. I've learned that these eels are very hardy. Mine is about 35 cm long and the diameter of a 2 cm pipe.

Contributed by Berto Nickerson

I am on my third and fourth Spiny Eels. My first, a Peacock eel whom I fondly called Eelish Fiend, died about 4 months after I got it, due to eating problems. The pet store told me that it would eat frozen bloodworms, but suprise, suprise, it did not. So it died, and I could do nothing for it, because I have no access to live food, unless I ordered it by mail or something. And I don't have a whole lot of money to spend on that kind of stuff. Anyway, then I saw another Peacock at WalMart, mixed in with the Violet Gobies. I recognized that it should not have been in there, and bought it. It did remarkably better than the Eelish, and I named it Ogopogo (after a lake monster). One night, though, it died. I never did figure out why. It took a while to get it to eat, but it finally did start eating the frozen bloodworms. But when it died, it was thriving, and very lively. It was weird. And very sad. Just recently, I saw more eels at WalMart. Going against by better judgement, I bought two. I have had them for nearly a year now, and it's been about 2 years now that I've had eels on and off. The two I have now, some Zig Zags, I think, who I named Hope and Doom, are doing AWESOME. They're the best pets I've ever had. They aren't as friendly toward me as some people have mentioned here, but they haven't killed any fish yet. That might have something to do with the fact that they're only 15 cm long with tiny mouths. :) Anyway, these guys are little piggies, and eat the frozen bloodworms readily. They do actually beg for it, and when they see a flake pass by them, they chomp on it, thinking it's a worm, and hurridly spit it out. They are very skittish, I have found, and love playing in the stream of bubbles made by the airstone. A great fish, I highly recommend them, if you can find good healthy ones and have a good sized tank.

Contributed by Ashley

I had a tire track eel that was about 15 cm long. When we got it, it never wanted to eat. We tried feeding it carnivore pellets, blood worms, and small pieces of shrimp, but it wouldn't eat. One day, I came home, and the eel was missing. At first I thought maybe it had burrowed under the gravel, as I'd heard that they were known to do that. I dug around with the net and moved some rocks, but couldn't find anything. Then I feared that he had jumped out of the tank (they're known to attempt that too). I looked around on the floor, and under and behind my dresser (what a pain that would have been to get; a full dresser with a 200 liter fish tank full of water would not be easy to move!). I didn't find anything though. I gave up for a while and searched for tire track eel behavior online. I stumbled across one account in which an eel had jumped into the filter. I ran upstairs and sure enough, he was swimming around in the bottom of the filter. To this day I have no idea how he got inside; the jump would've been very high and the bio-wheel was spinning in the opposite direction. After a few more jumps into the filter, we ended up taking him back to the shop.

Contributed by Matt Soave

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