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Mastacembelus armatus
Tire Track Eel, White-Spotted Spiny Eel, Zig Zag Eel

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I feed my tire track eel and my fire eel frozen bloodworms, live black worms, and ghost shrimp, and their diet seems to be pretty good. The earth worms seem to be a good idea to try out, but I thought if you all haven't tried ghost shrimp you might want to consider it, all my eels love them.

Contributed by Damon LaReau

I have had my tire eel for about 6 months now and is officially one of my favorite additions. I feed the eel a variety of foods such as brine shrimp, earth worms and ocasionally a few small gold fish. The eel is suprisingly very active during the day. This guy is definitely not a good tank mate for anything small as they will eat pretty much anything. I keep some salt in the tank but not much. It is in a community tank with three gouramis, a large pleco, a freshwater moray, clown knife and a black ghost. They seem to get along very well and the tire eel often shares its hiding spots with the moray. I have the eel trained now so he will eat out of my hand, he will also actually let me hold him.

Contributed by David Tester

Be careful, these guys like to travel. Mine escaped from the lidded tank for the third time last night, and unfortunately, I wasn't awake to save him. A spectacular fish, which interacted marvelously with gouramis, rainbows and, suprisingly, bumblebee gobies. I strongly suggest reinforcing the tank against escapes, particularly as the fish get larger.

Contributed by Justin Schaefer

I am on my 2nd eel. The first jumped out of the tank after 12-18 months or so. The 2nd one, we've only had for about 6 months but man, has he grown! We have him in with about 8 other fish, plus one goldfish. The goldfish was originally a feeder fish for him, which he bit it once, taking out one eye, but the feeder fish lived and has now been in the tank for about 5 months. We are feeding him Cichlid Gold pellets and he LOVES them! He is good with all the other fish and is actually quite active, even during the day. He has grown so fast, we had to replace his hiding places. He got stuck two weeks ago IN his little sunken boat. I had to carefully break it open to release him and now we got him a much larger contraption. Overall, a great eel...beautiful, friendly, active, and fun to own!

Contributed by Bill Mertes

I have a tire track eel that is about 35 cm long and is 13 years old. He's curious, fat, and eats anything he can get in his mouth! He's my baby and I don't know what I would do if I ever lost him!

Contributed by Jo

I was losing eels too, until I bought some tulle (that fine mesh that tutus are made from). It's very easy to work with. All you need is a piece ot tulle that will fit over your tank (without the lid) and some way to secure it. For a smaller tank you can use one of those huge rubber bands made to secure trash bags to the trash can. Then put the top over the mesh. You will have to carefully cut a small hole for the filter tube, heater, anything that will enter the water. I use an Emperor filter and just let the water flow through the mesh. Works great! To feed, I just move the rubber band, open the lid, put the food under the mesh and drop it into the water. It's a snap.

Contributed by Dave

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