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Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos
Maingano Cichlid, Blue Johanni

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Melanochromis_cyaneorhabdos_2.jpg (21kb)
Photo Credit: Cinthia Emerich

Name: Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)
8 cm 100 L 8.2 28C


These fish breed quite easily in my 120 cm tank. They become very aggressive wilst breeding and defend off any fish from their nest/cave. Females hold up to 3 weeks and the release their fry within a rocky area

Contributed by Brock Nolan

Our Maingano was one of the first fish that we introduced to our aquarium. He does not hurt the other fish, but you can tell that he rules the tank with an iron fist. He swims at the entrance of the cave and will not let the algae eaters out. If they manage to sneak out, he quickly herds them back into their cave.

Contributed by Kristy

I have found the maingano to be delightful little fish. Mine is the prettiest fish in the tank. He is also not too aggressive and is very forgiving when it comes to water quality. By far my favorite fish, so have fun with it.

Contributed by Collin

I've had my Maingano for 9 months in my 200 L. For the tank mates he has, he is fairly peaceful. Likes to do this flutter dance thing around my yellow lab and another peacock. I have several terra cotta pots in a corner that he enjoys swimming in and out of and will chase others out. For the most, very personal, fun to watch, not highly aggressive.

Contributed by Steve

We have 3 Maingano cichlids, our largest one is named Coolio and he definitely dominates the tank, bossing all our other fish around. He's full of personality and attitude. We were told when we bought our Maingano's they were a semi-aggressive cichlid, we soon found this not to our case!.. Wouldn't give them up for the world though, such an amazing fish.

Contributed by Nadine

I have a Maingano male around 9 cm, and have recently introduced 2 females to him. Although he has never caused the other cichlids with him any harm, he has been quite brutal with his girls. All in all a beautiful fish though, and I am now considering just dedicating that tank (200 L) to the species.

Contributed by Matt Davies-Graham

I'm surprised by how many people are calling this a peaceful fish. He dominated an assorted 225 liter cichlid tank of mine for about 6 months, and would go after every fish come feeding time, regardless of size. Potentially the most entertaining fish in my tank, I bought him his own 285 L tank and 8 females. ;)

Contributed by Will

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