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Luciosoma setigerum
Apollo Sharkminnow, Minnow Apollo Shark

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Luciosoma_setigerum_2.jpg (42kb)
Photo Credit: Rob Krumes

Name: Luciosoma setigerum
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Southeast Asia Islands
25 cm 200 L 6.5 25°C


This is a very cool fish. My husband liked him as they kind of look like a barracuda but without teeth. Ours is approximately 11 cm long in a 250 L tank. This fish comes from the S.E. Asia Islands in the streams and rivers in Borneo, Java, Sumatra and Thailand. They are omnivorous and will eat pretty well anything. I feed mine brine shrimp, bloodworms, krill (frozen), flake food, and shrimp pellets. Water is not critical, freshwater around 24-28°C. Care is easy, can be in a community. They can be nippy towards other fish, but once pecking order is established they calm down. I have found in my searches on the Internet that they don’t tolerate others of their own kind, but I'm unsure. It is hilarious to watch it school with my Rosy Barbs and Buenos Aires Tetras. My Angelfish show him who's boss when he bugs them. They need a long tank, as they like to swim. They are jumpers and will leap from the tank if not covered. Our local fish store accidentally left them uncovered one night and two perished. It was sad, and they let us know. They are very fast and dart around, especially at feeding time. They are a very entertaining fish but don’t tolerate slower fish like gourami. My angels are rather large and were there first. They are a flashy silver fish with a light pale green stripe just about their black stripe that extends to the tail. The upturned jaw is typical of this family. It will only eat at mid level. I wouldn’t put it in a tank with fish that can fit in its mouth, no shorter than 5 cm for sure.

Contributed by Candice LeBlanc

When I first saw this fish, I knew it would be a great addition to my aquarium. With speed to burn, exceptional eyesight, and good dose of intelligence this fish proved very difficult for the local pet store employee to retrieve from the tank. Once he was in his new home he quickly earned the name Mack the Knife for his blade-like appearance and darting swimming skills. The ultimate insect-eater, he relished anything with many legs that was dropped into the water and snapped them up in the blink of an eye. He got along well with many other tankmates from barbs to catfish to a Jack Dempsey and always kept to himself, forever watching what was going on with its big eyes. A very cool fish.

Contributed by Rob Krumes

I kept a group of 6 apollo sharks in a 500 L tank with bala sharks and tinfoil barbs. Once they have settled in and created a pecking order they are the ultimate predatory group. They will eat all the food and take over the top half of the tank, defending it to the death no matter what size the intruding fish is. Definitely not a community fish, unless with other large aggressive fish or armoured catfish. I would recommend a 1000 L tank at least for these beasts. They are sleak and fast, great to watch eating and always on prowl near the surface of the tank. Glad they don't have teeth! I had to rehome the apollos for the sake of the rest of my community tank, as soon as they had gone all my fish came out of hiding. These fish should only be for predatory fish keepers. Do not be fooled by their tameness in the local fish store or for the first month they are settling in your aquarium!

Contributed by Theresa

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