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Leporinus affinis
Black-Banded Leporinus

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Leporinus_affinis_2.jpg (20kb)
Photo Credit: John Niblett

Name: Leporinus affinis
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Amazon Basin
30 cm 250 L 7.0 25C


The Leporinus affinis has 9 vertical stripes and has rounded caudal fins and is often confused with the Leporinus fasciatus that has 10 stripes and pointed caudal fins. The L. affinis is a predatory fish, and prefers live food as well as frozen shrimp and sinking spirulina discs, but will also eat peas, lettuce, and bananas. I feel that fresh food is best with this species and have found it to bring out the stripes more. I have not seen this fish eat any flake food. It seems to be tolerant of other fish of the same size or larger. I would not recommend them in with smaller fish or fish such as angelfish, as they will nip at their fins and eat them if they are small enough to fit into their mouth. They will also eat the eggs of other fish in your tank and some of the algae that grows on the bottom of the tank.

They do well with a current and places to hide during most of the day, as they seem to come out early in the morning and after the lights are off in the evening. This fish mainly stays at the mid to bottom of the tank, it's a fast swimmer and needs a long tank to be happy and swim in. You will also need a tightly covered tank as these fish are great jumpers. Mine jumped out of the net twice as I was putting him into the tank. Live plants may be quickly eaten, so I suggest plastic plants or hardy plants such as Java fern. I am also trying out a fast growing moss to cover some of the bottom of the tank. I have not found any documentation of successful breading in captivity.

I have found this fish hard to find information on or many people who keep them. I do enjoy my fish (named Scaredy Cat) and have fun playing peek-a-boo with him in his cave.

Contributed by Rose

I have 2 of these wonderful fish and yes, they do chase other fish and show some aggression. However, they aren't a very speedy fish (at least not compared to the other fish in my tank) and often aren't successful in cathing anyone. Another interesting note, my leporinus eat flakes, pellets and crisps as well as their bloodworms and cucumbers.

Contributed by M. Heinz

I've had my Leporinus for over a year and he is my favorite addition to the tank so far. He is growing fast on flake food and brine shrimp, but he loves his veges! He is about 13 cm so far and lives peacefully with barbs, gouramis and rams. He has been the demise of a pleco and a cory in the past, so I've learned to keep the bottom feeders out of the tank. I find mine to be very social and fun to watch. He comes to the front of the tank anytime my daughter walks up to it and will swim around through caves all day...marking his territory. My Leporinus has the ten bands that is associated with the Leporinus faciatus...I believe thier habits are the same from what I've read.

Contributed by Cynthia Mooney

I have a Leporinus (10 Banded) named Terror! He left his peaceful juvenile stage behind at about 1 year and promptly began to devour anything he could catch. He is about 18 cm and 3 years old now. He is King of the Tank without a doubt! It is a marvel to watch him cruise the tank. Periodically he seems jet propelled when he darts after a tasty morsel. He assassinated my 35 cm pleco, a pictus, and several gouramis. Now he has very limited tankmates!

Contributed by a visitor

I have two of these wonderful fish. I purchased them at my local pet store about two years ago, when they were 8 cm long. I placed them in my 270 L brackish tank along with 2 mono's, 4 silver dollars, 2 white tips and a peacock eel. Now the black banded are about 20 cm long and just loving the tank. I mainly feed them blood worms and shrimp pellets, but they also eat ghost shrimp.

Contributed by Paul Diez

My 2 Black Banded Leporinus are fin nippers and are very quick moving from one end of my 180 cm tank to the other with one flick of their tails. They chase my other fish, but they leave my oscars alone. They are eating just about anything I give them, like mince meat, banana, ox heart, etc. They are a great addition to my tank and they are also hardy fish, as I had them couriered to me and it took 2 days to arrive.

Contributed by John Niblett

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