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Corydoras julii & trilineatus
Leopard Cory Cat

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Photo Credit: Inge van Engeland

The Leopards are the most placid fish that I have seen. They do occasionally swim up and down the side of the glass. They keep the bottom neat and are beautiful to look at. I have Zebra fish in my tank but I have not noticed any problems. The Zebra Danios are almost always at the top of the tank and the Leopards are almost always at the bottom; they rarely every come in contact with each other. All in all, these fish are great fish to have. Don't be fooled into thinking that something is wrong with them if you notice that they don't move very often because they like to sit in the same spot for a while.

Contributed by Phillip Reynolds

Leopard Cory's are by far the best catfish I have come across so far, they are peaceful and have the most brilliant body markings, I have had two for about 8 months and they don't wander far from each other. At night they spend a long time sifting through my gravel for food debris. Two Peppered Cory's accompany them and they get on well. Overall excellent fish due to their temperament and their brilliant marking, a definite buy for the beginner in my opinion.

Contributed by Paul Brooks

I have had aquariums for 15 years and all types of freshwater fish. When they started dying off from old age, I thought I would phase out of the "pet fish" thing - but my cory's seemed to outlive everything else! I had one cory that lived to be 12 years, survived two moves from house to house and just passed away last year. His tank mate is still thriving at 10 years of age! Long live those beautiful cory cats!

Contributed by Drayson McClann

Leopard Corydoras are a very interesting type of catfish that are very compatible with other fish such as the pepper cory, due to their similar markings and size. I had a pair of corys, one a leopard and the other a pepper. They got along very well and never left each others site. These fish are excellent for beginners because they are easy to care for and fun to watch.

Contributed by Robert

I have just recently set up a 75 litre Aqua One 510 aquarium. I set this up 2 months ago and now it houses 5 Julii corydoras which I absolutely adore. They share their tank very peacefully with seven fancy guppies who have been breeding non stop. The corydoras do not bother the baby guppies and are very happy to share their shrimp pellets. I find Julii corydoras very entertaining, especially when I turn the light off. They dart around in a group, searching for their food and lining up after one another, waiting patiently for their turn to feast. I find them excellent bottom feeders and help to do an excellent cleaning job of the substrate and my numerous plants. Provide a suitable cave for these fish as they spend a lot of their time hiding. Another important factor is that it is essential to keep these fish in a group of at least 4, otherwise I have heard that they can become shy and timid when people approach the aquarium.

Contributed by Nick Findlater

I have two of these little guys, who were called striped cories at the LFS but are in fact julii's. They are beautiful, active little fish who are fun to watch. I make sure mine are getting plenty to eat by feeding them sinking wafers, which they love. Cories are one of my favorite kind of fish. They are great at keeping the bottom of the tank clean. They can be seen rushing to the top and getting a gulp of air, then flying back to the bottom! So cute and active!

Contributed by Heather

I have six Cories in my 115 L tank. I have 2 Juliis, 2 Peppered, and 2 albinos. My Juliis have always been my favorites. Unlike my other cories, they tend to stay near the back and they're very shy. They're always swimming away and tend to follow the peppers more than the albinos. I absolutely love them.

Contributed by Tatiana

I recently purchased and introduced two leopard cory cats into my small 40 litre Aqua 40 aquarium. They are fantastic little fish I am relieved that I finally found a fish that enjoys roaming the bottom of the tank. The two share the tank with two zebra danios and two white cloud mountain minnows. Regarding a previous comment, my two leopard cory cats have had no bother from my two zebra danios whatsoever, especially as the danios tend to remain near the surface as they are surface feeders. The fish do occasionally jump from the surface and make frantic voyages to the top, I read that this is a sign of stress. Personally I do not believe this but apparently it could signal a lack of space, over population or water chemistry problems. Mine seem quite happy, although they seem to be leaving my frozen bloodworm but I'm sure they will get used to it. These fish are fantastic.

Contributed by Jake Rogers

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