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Hypancistrus sp.
King Tiger Pleco (L066)

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King_Tiger_Pleco_L066_1.jpg (33kb)
Photo Credit: Afonso

Name: Hypancistrus sp.
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Habitat
12 cm 80 L 6.6 27C


I have had a King Tiger Pleco (L-66) for almost 3 months now. Although I paid a hefty price for him (US$80), he is an amazing fish! His colors are stunning, especially the black and white stripping that he has throughout his body. Throw an algae wafer in and he goes nuts! He is also a great algae eater. A must buy!

Contributed by Nick Meijer

This fish is cool. I got one at a fish auction for 25 Canadian dollars. It is an excellent algae eater and gets along well with all my fish. It loves my rocks and driftwood. It is probably the fastest fish I have ever seen! Very pricey I hear, because fish stores around me want at least $100 for them.

Contributed by Jen

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