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Hyphessobrycon columbianus
Colombian Tetra, Columbian Tetra

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Hyphessobrycon_columbianus_1.jpg (21kb)
Photo Credit: Rony Suzuki

Name: Hyphessobrycon columbianus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Colombia
7 cm 80 L 6.8 26°C


A hardy community fish which is able to live with breeding kribs, so in my book a great fish. Cheeky to the point of stealing food out of a male krib's mouth. A minimum of six is recommended. They do grow a lot bigger than most tetras though, so a tank minimum of 120 L I think.

Contributed by Damian

I have 5 of these guys in a 200 L tank with 10 neons and 6 black neons. They are a very good schooling fish and keep to themselves. They are not aggressive at all. They are a wonderful fish to have and a joy to watch them play, not to mention they have very beautiful coloring.

Contributed by Jason Ingram

These are great fish and do well with my Kribs. I have about a dozen in a 400 litre kind of Amazon theme tank. I say "about" because I've just discovered they've been breeding, although my tank is not set up to their ideal conditions. My tank is a little too soft and a lot more alkaline than all the information suggests for them and I have the survivors of at least two spawnings swimming around. I had never even considered breeding them. They were purely for decoration and entertainment. And they are definitely entertaining. They race each other up and down the tank all day.

Contributed by Helen Cornish

I have a nice school of 9 of these beautiful fish in a 225 L tank. They were originally destined for my 470 L planted Discus tank along with 9 Lemon Tetras and 9 Rummynose Tetras. However, upon introducing the Rummynose Tetras to the 470 L where the Columbians were housed, the Columbians attacked the Rummynose, killing one and injuring 3 others. These fish may normally be peaceful, but be careful what you put them with, they can develop a nasty streak for sure. Even in a group of 9 mine are still rather nippy, they were also responsible for the deaths of 2 Pictus cats and almost a third. They killed a pleco and they like to pick at my Silver Dollars.

Contributed by Brad Chymist

I have six of these characters in my 300 litre planted appisto tank. They seem to divide their time between racing about near the surface, and lurking near the middle depth in a tight group. They can be a cocky, daring fish too - only today I watched one steal some food straight from my male cockatoo cichlid's mouth!

Contributed by Jonny Green

I have 4 Columbian Tetras in a 180 L tank with Angels, Silver Dollars and other Tetras. I find them to be very hardy and well able to look after themselves. They are very fast and very good feeders. They do not hesitate to take food out of the larger fish's mouths. They add nice colour to a tank when in good condition, with the red swallow tail and neon blue stripe across the back! I highly recommend these as midsized peaceful Tetras to add some speed and colour to your tank.

Contributed by Billy

I love the small tetras and this one in particular. It is a very easy fish to keep. To breed it is another story. For a start, is not easy to distinguish males from females. I put 5, two females, I suppose, into a tank of 40 cm long (40x25x30 cm). On my first attempt I got only 4 fry. On my second, I changed most of the water after spawning and the results were great...over 350 fry.

Contributed by Carlos Assunção

I have had Columbian tetras for at least five years now. They are huge personality fish. I have accidentally bred them on a number of occasions. I have realised that the eggs need a lot of protection from predation in a community tank. When the tank contains lots of Java moss they seem to breed reasonably easy. I keep the tank at pH 7.0 and about 15 dH. Tank is 400 litres and they breed alongside Kribs.

Contributed by Helen

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