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Hyphessobrycon amandae
Ember Tetra

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Hyphessobrycon_amandae_1.jpg (14kb)
Photo Credit: Gustavo Naame

I have half a dozen of these little guys. These are great fish for a community tank, they are quiet and keep to themselves. Occasionally my blue Tetras like to pick a fight, but they are speedy too. Great fun to watch in their little shoal. They love overgrown plants and whatnot, and also if your tank is mature, they pick off the little specks which float around. They are easily cared for also. They get on well with my cories and my pair of Kribs.

Contributed by Callum Harris

I bought 13 of these little chaps, and they are doing great in my 120 litre tank. They used to be really active, but I have found them to be quite nervous fish. If anyone gets near the tank they swim off into the plants, and when you move away they swim out again. Since the introduction of some bigger fish, the embers have become more nervous and don't really leave the sanctuary of the plants. Besides that they are great little fish.

Contributed by Charlie

I wake up to these delightful fish every morning. I have a small school on my bedside table in a 28 litre tank. They really are lovely fish to watch and they are absolutely tiny. They are a bit sensitive and love plants and even better planted tanks. I feed mine tiny mini granules - you may need to search for a food small enough to fit into their tiny mouths!

Contributed by Rowan

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