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Hemigrammus erythrozonus
Glowlight Tetra

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Tim (SharkyX10)

These placid fish have been a great asset to my very first tank. I rescued the tank from my work place, about 18 months ago. It was full of mollies, plastic plants and little else. As time and experience has gone on (and the mollies have moved on/died off), I have totally changed the appearance and the stock. I now keep mainly tetras, but the honey's were a must. At first they looked very plain, but after a short settling period they are now a blend of orange and yellow. Easy feeders, although a little shy and tend to hide among the foliage. Just introduced a red robin gourami as well and they all seem very happy.

Contributed by Martin Shepherd

I keep a school of 12 glowlights (as well as others) in my 200 L community tank. The orange neon line above their eye and down their body is very brilliant. They usually hover close together just above the gravel, sometimes doing laps around the tank or playing tag in mid-strata. They wait for the bigger fish to knock food from the water surface to mid-strata before they eat. Their favorite meal appears to be my Angelfish's eggs. :( It is very easy to tell males from females based upon size and while mine appear to mate often, I have not seen any young in the year I have kept them. All in all, they are good hardy fish, that become more active and interesting the bigger the school they are kept in gets. I plan to add another 6-8 soon.

Contributed by Danny O'

These little guys were a wonderful addition to my community tank. I asked around about what I could add to my tank that wouldn't terrorize my betta. Harlequins and Glowlights were the top two. Both get along with the others well, but the glowlights are the most entertaining to watch. Not only do they shoal almost constantly, but they don't hide very much, so I can see their beauty every time I walk by my tank. Three of them will wrestle around in the plants too. Not violent at all, but very comical. I really think these were the coolest fish I have bought so far.

Contributed by Sean Carson

These are wonderful little fish. I keep 3 of them with 3 Harlequin Rasboras, 2 Black Harlequins Rasboras, and 2 otos. It's amazing how the Glowlights, Harlequins, and Black Harlequins school together. This makes for a truly beautiful sight. These fish need a school, but as long as you have a species (Harlequins and Black Harlequins) that looks similar to them they will school together. I accidentally ended up with a beautiful school of fish! Glowlights can be found anywhere, so if you want a tetra other than neons or cardinals look no further!

Contributed by James C.

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