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Hemigrammus erythrozonus
Glowlight Tetra

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Photo Credit: Paulo Gordinho

I had a bunch of Neon Tetras in my community tank and lost a few to an Ich incident. When I went to the store to replenish my tank, I saw the Glowlight tetras and liked their bright color, so I got a bunch. Now both the Neon and Glowlight tetras school together as one lovely colorful swirl. It's a nice contrast, the orange fish (glowlights) with the blue fish. They brightened my tank up right away!

Contributed by C. Hermann

Glowlights are very pretty, but somewhat timid little tetras. I have a school of 6 in my Amazon tank with silvertips and neons. They tend to hide in the heavy plants most of the time and would probably do best as a single shoaling group. Glowlights require lots of hiding places and plants with lower light to bring out their best. They will feed on flake food, but appreciate frozen blood worms or daphnia. Water pH is not critical, but soft acidic around 6.5 is prefered. Like all tetras they appreciate some tannins in the water, so maybe consider some bogwood or black water extract.

Contributed by Chik Danger

I've enjoyed these fish for little over a year now and I am quite pleased with their characteristics. Like Neon Tetras, they spend most of their time in the mid to lower zones of a community tank. They're ready eaters, enjoy small live foods such as brineshrimp, and happily eat freeze dried food as well. Their colors are far more vibrant when they are kept in groups of ten or more and fed a varied diet, with frequent water changes. The water were I live is hard (about 8.0+) but these little guys have taken to it just fine so far.

Contributed by Nick

I added 3 glowlight tetras to my tank about 2 months ago and they have done really well. They look great and seem to be hardy. The orange markings really stand out. They like to live in the bottom-middle area of my tank amongst the plants and of course they are a schooling fish. Nice alternative to neons or cardinals.

Contributed by Brian Guest

I've got 7 of these fine beauties in a 40 L tank along with a yo-yo loach, 2 rummy nose tetras, 2 albino cats, 1 otocinclus and 2 cleaner shrimp. This tank setup has some plants on the side and back, black substrate, 2 pieces of driftwood - 1 of which has Java ferns growing on it and a rock with Java fern growing on it. I've also provided lots of rocks where they and the rummy nose's can dart in and out of. I also have a CO2 system. Because the tank is a bit overstocked I do frequent water changes and provide a good filtering system. If you keep the lighting subdued the glowlights will exhibit a very nice color. The 2 rummy noses have bright red noses and good black and white coloring on their tails so I'm not too concerned about the fact that the tank is somewhat overstocked. Like my other fish in other tanks I provide 3 varieties of flake food with a weekly treat of bloodworms, brine shrimp or red mosquito larvae.

Contributed by Todd Fong

I added 3 glowlights to my tetra tank and found them to be the most docile. They spend most of their time schooling with the emperor tetras and the lemons. At first they (and every other fish in my tank) were given a hard time by my silvertips, but all has settled down now. The addition of 2 white widow tetras saw a change in the social the widows, lemons and glowlights rule the tank and the once menacing silvertips and rummynoses do as they're told!

Contributed by Ben Mclaughlin

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